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  1. West Cumbria Amal at Lymm birds liberated at 10.20am in a west south west wind turning fresh south west in Lancashire
  2. West Cumbria Amal.>> Lymm/Appleton.
  3. https://www.walkerseurotransport.co.uk/uk-mainland-animal-transport-ceased?fbclid=IwAR1rfcRaiTd7ML2R5Cfs0Rvu-9_xDKtv0GJxI8ZRv9tEJVnHGDXLcWHWbYU
  4. Cumbria Combine at Holmsley. Birds were liberated at 6am in a light South West wind. Turning Fresh South in Lancashire.
  5. Sorted. Thank you for your help.
  6. Cheers mate,will sort in the morning.
  7. My mate as this bird in blue cock, reported to SU and no reply as of yet. Any help lads ?
  8. greenlands


    Good luck and good returns,it's a cracking day here in West Cumbria with a Lt West wind.
  9. SU 16 7242 DEAD CHORLEY
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325214524411?hash=item4bb84bd3fb:g:9VsAAOSwcIBil9Mn
  11. Thank you for sorting the problem.
  12. Popups Ads. etc. I know the site need them to keep running but enough is enough,could hardly see the page this mo. for ads. I'm off for a while,let's hope it get sorted. Take care lads and lasses. Lindsay C.
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