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  1. Young boy brought the pigeon to me,said it had been hit by a car,sorry, did not survive. Blue pied hen. SU23.7186
  2. I haven't got the bird Andy,a fancier down West has it,I have passed info on to her.
  3. Bird came in monday with yb racers in cumbria SU 22 G 1076 cheq hen looks like it been out a bit please get intouch if it's yours.
  4. One clocked about a mile from me 13:26:34.hrs
  5. My measurements about 365 ml,wind here very strong South,if it's like this down the Country they'll should do a good time. PS.I've nowt away.
  6. Sorry....Forgot to say In a South wind.
  7. Cumbria Combine libertated at 07:00 hrs Guernsey.
  8. Happy birthday Archie.Hope it's a good'n pal.
  9. Looks like it's sorted. Thank you,appreciated.
  10. Gettin a bit pissed off with these pop ups,I have enough rubbish on screen without these !!!
  11. https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/23588780.rosyth-pigeon-club-makes-plea-fife-council-consent/?fbclid=IwAR123H9rJVwCqBUhWuOdr0JlzjdocQi0JATVASA0E6PL3GiGfvFEeTVCfX8
  12. Contact number 07835408837 reguarding all scotch strays.
  13. Ernie Christie · · SU 22 TR 600. SU 21 CA2142, SU 22 G984 SU 22 L 9717 SU 22 W 569 all in Northern Ireland armoy village right up top end north coast
  14. Bit late with INFO West Cumbria Amal 10:45 Lt NE wind Marlborough,could be a long day.
  15. West Cumbria Amal..our 3rd. race from Appleton (Lymm)
  16. Happy birthday Andy,have a great day pal.
  17. greenlands


    Eldest lass as been laid up with covid,well on the mend now but tires easily,so she got her pencils and paper out to pass the time away.
  18. I Have a Benzing with the oblong thimbles,to look at you would think it was brand new and keeps very good time.Bought 2nd hand in the early 60's Also time a few winners 😉😉
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