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  1. Do you fast them 1 day every week Peter ?
  2. 😂😂 👀
  3. Fionas Girl it was called I think
  4. Don’t think there has ever been a SNFC race from Cholet? Chris Little from Falaise I’m sure ? 04 ?
  5. Bought a 7ft real tree today... Weans faces when I brought it in was a treat
  6. JonesyBhoy


    Glory days of the SNFC... must have been some thrill The SNFC centenary book is magic.. read it cover to cover every few weeks
  7. JonesyBhoy


    Aye it’s hairs on the back of the neck stuff... Sartilly, Rennes and Nantes..
  8. JonesyBhoy


    Just reading about SNFC Rennes 1939.. Burrell Bros of Douglas Water entered 4 pigeons and were 3rd, 15th, 24th and 89th Open from 4390 birds.. as well as £422 Incredible stuff
  9. Happy Birthday Mr Leggate and Glenn, two of the nicest men in the sport. Hope you both have a great day ðŸº
  10. That Benn is impressive
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