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  1. When birds are offering to land in a field that can only mean one thing. Something in the sky above them Lee. Witnessed it many times. I’ve heard reports from 2 lofts in Peterhead returns were 52/52 and 68/69
  2. Hope they supply ear defenders in the stores
  3. Not sure why the owners partly to blame. For what? Keeping some chickens, looking after, feeding and keeping them healthy, spending some money to do so. Providing food for his family. But this fox is too lazy to hunt. Can’t be a r a ed to run after a rabbit. This fox probably hasn’t done a days work in its life. But can freely turn up at the coup and cause mayhem
  4. What would your advise be, let’s say hypothetically if the accused threatened to burn your loft down The Fox would be trapped, snared or shot.
  5. Don’t think he’ll be in crimond much longer
  6. Yes she will. She’ll be keen for racing to start to give her beloved BOP there weekend bonus
  7. If it’s manageable they’ll kill it.
  8. It’s not a Birthday, it’s the anniversary of his death!
  9. That’s nothing new.
  10. Shocking. Fingers crossed and let’s hope it doesn’t hit hard like London is getting. Stay safe
  11. So what’s the problem? I’m sure that I saw an interview with the manager of the warehouse in Glasgow that supplies NHS with PPE. I’m sure he said that there was plenty stock
  12. Never realised that! Disgraceful. They knew it was coming
  13. Looks like Scotland seems to be coping better. Don’t seem to hear the same complaints from NHS Scotland as regards PPE. Hope they are supported well enough as they deserve
  14. Aye. And the selfish bastewards that are stripping the shelves in supermarkets depriving NHS workers of essential groceries should be ashamed. If you need that amount of bog roll you should of seen your GP long before this time!!
  15. 49???? Must of had a hard paper round!! Hope you had a nice day
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