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  1. would like to attend , but wont be visiting this year , from memory havent been since 2019
  2. have been out this afternoon clearing the track of fallen trees so Mrs Burgess and the neigbours could drive up
  3. R.I.P. Mick , yes a good early member of Basics. Mick visited me many times when back in N Wales , often brought his son Micky . had a good number of birds from me , talked for hours in the garden , many hours . also brought his wife along too on the journey , yet she never left the car . R.I.P. old mate .
  4. well done Walter , some great results there , hope they continue
  5. sounds like a great opportunity
  6. well done to him for taking the trouble
  7. well done Albert , thanks for your help
  8. and SU 23 TR 837 , phone Mr John Bosworth on 01875 615670
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