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  1. Lib Line Updates Phone 09063 656715 to record the arrival of your bird Name Town Time E Hodgson & Sons Annan 15:04 D Anderson Annan 15.15
  2. W.D.


    Good Luck to All. Lovely morning here just north of Cheltenham.
  3. Ok thanks,will have to get my boy to do that,as I'm not very good on these things!
  4. Still getting them unfortunately.
  5. RIP Condolences to family 🕊
  6. Hi, a bird has been put up on pigeonchat for a few days,but no replies. Anyone able to help? Thanks.
  7. Received one similar on FB via a workmate,it sent it to every contact I had. Told to change all my passwords,and inform all contacts not to open it. It later sent other similar messages to friends,one opened it not realising it was a scam. Beware!
  8. RIP A Top fancier,and a gentleman. 🕊
  9. One in a million,especially in todays racing,plus taking into account where you live and the bops. Well Done!
  10. Not had them yet but due to. Partner works with a lad who is part of gov testing scheme, (don't know name of it),who has been getting regular pcr tests and anti bodies tested. Had his 2 jabs,then got tested a few days later. He went from having lots of anti bodies,to having none?! The nurses were shocked to find this,and have now called him back in for more testing,thinking the 2 together might have caused this? Not good if you're working in a place full of kids with Covid!
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