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  1. Bilsland Ayton 12.20
  2. May be an idea to try pigeonchat or fb,lots of lost birds being put on a fb group.
  3. They did better last week,took first 4,plus 27 birds in first 40!
  4. No,it's me that put up the wrong one sorry! Redcheqhen put the right one up. ðŸ‘
  5. Looking on pipa at Cor de Heide article,and on one of the peds is a bird from Bob McDonald. Tried to upload it to here,but not savvy enough. It's on the ped of Klein dochter Don Michel.
  6. Yes, "Tam's the Man" 2 away last race,2 on the result,1 away this time,1st reg D to boot. Well Done ðŸ‘
  7. W.D.


    Congratulations ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿
  8. Well Done, Great Result! ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿ That's 2 national races on the trot Lanarkshire guys have one,can you remember the last time that happened?
  9. W.D.

    Cal 50

    Well Done ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿
  10. W.D.


    J Dalgliesh Ecclefechan 16:46
  11. Put on p-chat,found in car park but never recovered. Tel no. dead also?! 0131 522 1466
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