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    With heavy heart i notify the fancy of the passing of Wullie Watson (easygaun) early this morning Wullie was valued clock setter for Carnwath club & at west section S.N.F.C marking R.I.P & condolences to his family
  2. Total birds 601 Class 1 Aiden Winter best in Show best Flown Class 2 Jim Hughes Class 3 Wm Massey & son Class 4 Winters Family best opposite sex best young bird Class 5 Matt Donoghue Class 6 J & A Bell Class 7 J & A Bell Class 8 Jim McTaggaer Best show racer Class 9 Gordon Campbell Class 10 Wm Massey & son Class 11 Wm Massey & son Class 12Winters Family Class 13 Wm Gilchrist Well done to all winners, exhibitors, judges & Mary for all her clerical work
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