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  1. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/589998 Found this on another site, not a lot of signatures at present.
  2. Have a bird reported by ‘phone but no contact details left. Need contact details for Terry Turpie ( Turpie & McCord ). PM me with details please. Thanks.
  3. In order to assist with your deliveries, the Post Office have kindly agreed to increase the cost of a 1st class stamp to 85p, a rise of 9p, from 1st January. They will obviously continue to offer a world beating next day delivery for this bargain price.
  4. Hi Ryan, Can you give me prices for pads and clocks please.
  5. Premier sports 2, if you can get it. Good luck.
  6. jimmydoo


    Have to agree, birds have returned in the best condition I can ever remember. First class job and a credit to all concerned. I think the only thing missing previously has been the weather, given the right conditions the birds will home if sent in good condition. Previous races this year have suffered with complicated weather patterns dictating mixed returns, as like last year good weather usually results in good returns. Very difficult conditions for the controllers this year and they do not need constant negative comments, some appear to forget that these guys also have birds in the baskets. Well Done!
  7. There are several reasons for this years problems and most Scottish orgs seem to have suffered over the longer races for the last few weeks, and we are not alone in this. I think the biggest factor has been the weather which has seen unpredictable bands of heavy slow moving rain this summer. Making comparisons with last year is difficult as during that period we had a fantastic spell of weather which obviously suited the pigeons, giving good racing and returns. The fashion for shorter, faster racing has also seen the decline of the once more dependable Scottish long distance stock and led to smaller numbers being liberated which in itself leads to longer gaps between returns, however even club racing has seen some poor returns in certain areas this year. The more difficult long distance racing becomes the more reluctant people are to compete. Whilst going with other orgs makes financial sense I don’t think it gives a true race as birds can be pulled about the country. There is no easy answer and we will never please everyone but perhaps a review of current racing,by some serious minded long distance enthusiasts, may be able to give more insight into the problems we are facing although I think that long distance racing will continue to decline due to demographic reasons. Keep your chins up guys it’s not easy.
  8. Same here, quite fresh but must have flown a bit today as wings were drooping.
  9. Well done guys, there’s a good dooman in there trying to get out, Congratulations,
  10. What about Ripon for the Gold Cup next year? Might as well get it out in the open now, the sprinters have taken over this once great club and won’t be happy until they can time in before lunch, “on the dayâ€, then get to the pub.
  11. Really sad news, hard to take in. Condolences to all the family. RIP mate.
  12. Would fair play not involve everyone paying their fair share of expenses and taking their fair share of duties. Those that only fly a handful of birds expect to send their birds hundreds of miles for a couple of quid, try taking them that distance yourself. Others vote vociferously for a Fed programme and never send, leaving others to burden the costs. With dwindling membership numbers is it not time to share the main expense, ie transport costs. Limiting birdage will only increase the individual cost overall, unless transporter space dictates otherwise. Some progressive Feds work out their running costs annually and charge each member accordingly, this happens in most sporting organisations where all members burden the costs. “Fair play†is usually in the mind of the individual and normally reflects their own circumstances. It takes a more holistic viewpoint to separate needs from wants and to look objectively, whilst not biting the hand that feeds them. Don't hamper others who want to keep more than yourself, remember they keep the costs down and in some cases provide most of the winners, not because they send more but because some of them are actually better than others.
  13. Just in tonight: SU18F5365, a bit thin and uninjured. Cheers.
  14. Message on SNFC website. Roye birds may be liberated tomorrow, weather permitting. Please pass message on.
  15. jimmydoo


    Sometimes it's not about "racing". It's about testing your birds homing ability from long distances.
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