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  1. Best thing ye can buy, especially if you’ve got pigeon lung.
  2. Looks good Rab, might have a wee go myself this year
  3. Should it not read 2022 in yb classes
  4. I believe this is £850, am I right Brian?
  5. Delboy

    SNFC Brighton

    I’m in at 6.38, libline not working????
  6. Do not get involved with Defra if you can avoid it. Costs will go up every year until we are forced to shut up shop.
  7. Top distance fancier, sad news.
  8. Only 1 to come now from 48. It seems Wooler is a great race point .
  9. sent 48 with Lanarkshire, had 28 in 10 minutes. They were spaced out after that but up to 41/48 now. Good race, well done the controllers and all involved.
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