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  1. Well done Lee Well deserved mate
  2. Well done everyone! 👏 looking forward to the longer races see how they do 👌👌
  3. Happy to say all birds home great flying by all 👍
  4. Any one find this bird in the North East with the that ring number give me a phone telephone number will be on ets ring cheers
  5. Hard one with the heat I'd imagine we'll done to the timers! hope everyone sees more birds in the morning
  6. Just caught this bird in a aquarium in inverness any takers
  7. Sorted guys driving through now for it one ended up in Dundee 3 in North east still 19 missing
  8. Hi guys just had a bird reported in old meldrum from the disaster trainer in Keith on Sunday its with a non fancier any one help me out and pick it up till I get there cheers
  9. Hi guys if any one north east of Scotland get any grizzles with gb 22 v rings or any Welsh rung with orange marker rings in let me know I lost 5 yesterday ive had one reported in Elgin so chances are they have went that area, my tel ring stickers haven't arrived yet usually all have my numbers on them just didn't think I'd lose them from 10 mile!! Yb eh lol Cheers
  10. Pigeon found dead in Cannich just west of Loch ness.
  11. I never win these things but stick me down for num 36 bud lol
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