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  1. Hi folks I have about 5 or 6 sets of nest boxes going cheap if anyone is intrested no room for yhem in new loft, collection inverness give me a message if intrested cheers
  2. Hi folks I have a couple of petron traps I'm buying of Andy in Fraserburgh, if anyone in same club or near abouts going to blackpool and could take them down to pick up be a great help, if not not problems I'll head though few weeks later and collect. give me a shout if you can help cheers
  3. It's a flat roof mate if u click that link I posted it will take you to the pictures
  4. It's a L shaped loft 16x8 ft and end of L is 8x4 so would be two 8x8 sections then a 8x4 section, I have pictures but can't seem to send them on here says files are too big, but this is the link to the loft and pictures are there
  5. Hi folks long shot but thought I'd try on here incase anyone would know someone, I'm hopeing someone might know someone from Edinburgh or near by who could possibly dismantle a pigeon loft im going to buy, there was someone in place but unfortunately there too busy too do it now, I'm up in inverness so plan was to hire a van and drive down load it up and drive back, trying to do that and dismantling there wouldn't be enough time in the day, if any one knows someone who might have spare time to do it or more information about it please send me a message, would be anytime or day that suits them and obviously I'd pay them, cheers
  6. Birds dead, skeleton was found on the grounds of raigmore hospital in inverness.
  7. Well done guys cracking velocitys
  8. Well done Lee Well deserved mate
  9. Well done everyone! 👏 looking forward to the longer races see how they do 👌👌
  10. Happy to say all birds home great flying by all 👍
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