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  1. Hi guys anyone with any up and over boxes give me a shout can pick up anywhere in Scotland happy to pay message me cheers
  2. I started with 30 then by final yb race of season where I never got a feather home lost 13 out of 15,one came home 3 days later and the other I picked up in Blairgowrie. Been a hard one to take where they never put a foot wrong till that last race
  3. Campbeltown to inverness 150 miles. Sadly 0 returns for me or anyone else.birds must of took wrong Glen. gutted a understatement can only hope some make it through but weather horrible out there.
  4. Well done everyone. 10 out of 13 home for me on the day happy enough with that 😎😎
  5. 10 out of 13 today so far. 120 miles Tarbert to inverness
  6. Aye without a doubt it's hard mate hopefully more turn in, see u Friday mate
  7. Haha you'll need to tell them the holidays are over dave, or they being soft and giving us a head start lol joking aside they must be getting pulled to inverness, bit more birdage your way sort that out hopefully. I got 14/17 home. I hope you got more back mate.
  8. Well done willie I saw your birds fly over mine like bullets. it was then I knew I was fecked lol
  9. 13/17 from oban to inverness
  10. 1 C Reid 1426.227 2 C Reid 1422.201 3 W.Macmorran 1383.439 4 W.Macmorran 1380.522 5 S Murray 1355.630 6 S.Murray 1352.785 7 B.Duncan 1340.222 9 8 M.maclennan 1316.725 10 B.Stewart 1315.139 11 M.Maclennan 1311.754 12 B.Stewart 1307.746 13 C.Gamble 1033.848 14 C.Gamble 1032.928 Very good returns by all. Well done lads on to the next one
  11. Results from Fort William. Birds were libed 12 pm on a beautiful afternoon with minor batches of sea harr. Well done every one who timed in and well done to carlton Reid for winning 1st club results hopefully below
  12. Well done all and well done dave topping the club again ðŸ‘
  13. It's been and came back! Downloaded and sent the info to Lee last night, bird more or less took same route landed twice for short spells apart from that very simular line of flight
  14. Alot of good info mate we will get more done.im just sorry my two birds are not back to help give us a better idea. Tommmorow hopefully lol
  15. Well done Brian and everyone who clocked in.short one for us today but birds taking great line. looking forward to the season ahead
  16. I trained at that spot at fort agaustus birds never been before were home in inverness for 50 mins. not been back yet
  17. Paid Lee thanks again can I just let guys know who I won bids off no rush from my part when u guys are ready im ready so just let me know
  18. Will square up my bill today guys cheers
  19. When does this end? Cheers My bad seeing its closed now lol
  20. I hope we take the title at parkhead see u all in proper meltdown!! Glasgow rangers champions!!!
  21. All paid looking forward to giving it a go!
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