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  1. Do not get involved with Defra if you can avoid it. Costs will go up every year until we are forced to shut up shop.
  2. Top distance fancier, sad news.
  3. Only 1 to come now from 48. It seems Wooler is a great race point .
  4. sent 48 with Lanarkshire, had 28 in 10 minutes. They were spaced out after that but up to 41/48 now. Good race, well done the controllers and all involved.
  5. Been hit by Percy at the loft the last couple days. Never seen one as low attacking birds 10-15 feet off the ground. Birds everywhere, in bushes, trees, under garden furniture etc. Devastating stuff but I’m sure it will leave soon.
  6. Delboy

    HOMER 49

    Happy bday Alex
  7. Sorry to hear this, Rab was a nice fella
  8. Had them at Dunbar on Monday Charlie, lost 1 but delighted with the rest as some are very young yet.
  9. Remember the Xmas race I ran, almost 100% returns by everyone and temps were sometimes at freezing and below lol
  10. Not too cold Andy. Ive been training for a few weeks now and latebreds are lapping it up. Theyve had 3 25 milers this week.
  11. Great returns considering the losses through here Bill. That's the best returns i 've heard by a large margin, well done. Myself, 23 left from 63 racing
  12. RPRA announcement - what it actually means A welcome communication from the RPRA today but as usual with these releases it has probably confused more people than helped them........a no news message if you like! The announcement DOES NOT confirm that any racing will be available from France yet, it is merely confirming that the proposals that were mentioned in September comms have been accepted in the EU and that is pretty much it (No lab testing on pigeons, no Quarantine and no Health Certificate) nothing more. There are still 4 quite significant things which need to be overcome and the most difficult one is going to be number 1: 1. The country of destination allows the entry of racing pigeons in accordance with article 230 of regulation 2016/429. 2. The loft/establishment/premises has to be registered with the UK competent authority. 3. The Pigeons will be required to be vaccinated against Paramyxo/Newcastle Disease. 4. The liberation of the pigeons has to be controlled by the competent authority in the country of destination. Let us remember that all of this year we 'should' have been permitted to race from France all along however the French Border force prevented it and every country is entitled to do so no matter what the EU rule book says. I am looking forward to the RPRA and DEFRA making some inroads with the French Border Force as that is what really needs sorting out - they got plenty of time. Hope that translates some of it for some of you
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