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  1. She has a growth or abscess, behind the ear - she is 15 years old now, we have 2 x 15 year old hens and this one looks her age! Should we try lancing it or leave well alone, she has been in a widowhood hen box for several weeks but has had this problem for over a year and we have just recently boxed her up
  2. You missed out the €400 vet fee before 8am. Calais is not currently accepting racing pigeons (22 Mile crossing) nearest is Caen - a 9 hour ferry crossing and a further 4 hour drive (190 miles)to our nearest racepoint
  3. With a vet at every marking station a requirement, there are very few registering in the North East of England. Races probably won't be viable, Calais is not accepting pigeons, so an alternative port has to be found- and a vet to pay for in France as well, what the powers that be expect to happen on a ferry crossing, God only knows! England has more paperwork, as we are all part of the UK - I don't really understand why there should be any difference.
  4. I had 22/23 on Saturday and the last one arrived Sunday evening Very gappy though Saturday
  5. It is different! I have 2 more forms to fill in after getting my CPH number, I have downloaded and printed them off- but one is 9 pages long and the other is 5 pages once completed I have to scan and e-mail to "whoever" What a pain!
  6. It's not George - it's not easy for those who struggle with computers, and if you cannot recognise your address or allotment on a map to get your easting and northing reference - you're stuffed!
  7. Our birds were up early from Grantham - my last bird home has been hawk damaged - a claw hole in the shoulder, 20/20 eventually
  8. Back turned for five minutes and it happened again whilst I was making a cup of tea, and it was indeed a crow at it again. The old crow that used to come in the garden and caused no bother has been replaced with a younger model. An absolute nuisance.
  9. I have 7 missing from 36, hopefully will be here in the morning. One hen returned injured also. Worst returns I've had this season - Folkestone - 260 miles
  10. The paperwork for the transportation of the birds is going to be fun (not), you need an administrator at each marking station looking at it , and checks will be very stringent - looks like every basket may even have to be labelled with the ring numbers of the birds in each individual basket. Perfect paperwork at a marking station is highly unlikely
  11. 1 missing Chelmsford (206 miles) (Sunday) Birds all came out of the North, 39th pigeon returned with half a tail around 8pm - I am missing a yearling (left most of the yearlings at home) Club winning velocity was 1650 Fed velocity 1698 Despite the good returns the race was a disappointing one.
  12. Hope it got home - message on Facebook
  13. Guess the birdage From top to bottom of combine distances are 252 to 350 miles - the first combine race of the season My guess is 18251 birds
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