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  1. For future reference, this is Audrey Lawrence Johnson's e-mail address: audreyhunt2011@hotmail.co.uk
  2. The Up North Combine are at Grantham, basket today for a race Saturday (hopefully, weather permitting)
  3. You could e-mail and ask if there are any allotments that allow the keeping of pigeons: allotments@croydon.gov.uk https://www.croydon.gov.uk/libraries-leisure-and-culture/parks-and-open-spaces/allotments-croydon/croydon-council-allotment-sites The following link is to privately owned allotments: https://www.croydon.gov.uk/libraries-leisure-and-culture/parks-and-open-spaces/allotments-croydon/independent-allotment-societies
  4. The UNC are at WETHERBY and SELBY , Wetherby originally Saturday, Selby Sunday but judging by the weather forecast probably both Sunday. There are 4 groups at Wetherby and 1 at Selby Selby is 58 miles to me, 2nd young bird race for the UNC but 1st young bird race for me (hopefully)
  5. Grateful thanks to George for collecting my hen and looking after her - it is much appreciated
  6. I have had a yearling reported in Fife - if you can help it would be appreciated - I can private message you the non fanciers contact details. The yearling hen has no tail and been missing 2 weeks from an extremely fast race (some doing 80mph!) She has been contained, but I don't know her condition apart from the missing tail feathers
  7. It is not compulsory to send is it? I personally wouldn't send if the weather is not suitable for a race, you have to be your own race controller - trust nobody but yourself
  8. Race this morning Peterborough to Border federation - via Carlisle
  9. The Up North Combine are at Maidstone (Kent) events centre Approx 8300 birds to be liberated Saturday morning subject to suitable conditions
  10. The ring was allocated to Wrekenton HS ring scheme - Wrekenton is in Gateshead - but the ring could possibly belong anywhere if it a breeder buyer scheme
  11. Forest Hall HS Secretary 07503 031999
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