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  1. Czechoslovakia? https://www.postovniholub.cz/nahlaseni-zaletlych-holubu.html
  2. Some stunners there. My husband was talking to somebody at the Blackpool show who had had birds in the show every year for decades - except this one - DEFRA had deemed him to be in one of the bird flu zones, whilst both the RPRA and himself thought he was outside the zones. Outcome was he wasn't allowed to show his birds - he was gutted.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My other half went, I stayed at home - the auctions my husband went to - the cheapest was £2300 he tells me and two went for £25K and £28K. Needless to say neither he nor anybody in his company bought a pigeon, it's a pity he didn't follow some of you! And according to him, it was quite busy at the Winter Gardens and most people were wearing masks! There was a saying not so long ago "Recollections may vary", my husband was waiting at the door at 8.30am Saturday, not sure if he was first in the queue, I downloaded his covid pass, took a screenshot of it, so he had the option of adobe pdf document or screenshot to show - he couldn't find either on his phone so showed his vaccination card! Despite great reviews for his hotel on the internet 4.9/5 score - it was not great in his eyes - he's easily pleased as well! I was glad of two days peace and quiet with just the dog for company 😁
  4. The elderly gentleman (Alan Gosling) had a bird sanctuary and kept some of the ducks in his home There is a go fund me page set up to raise money to clean and disinfect his home https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-alan-gosling-clean-disinfect-the-property
  5. Sprout - what a name for a dog! But a lovely informative letter, I never know what I want for Christmas whenever I'm asked, so a good idea, and better than getting something I don't want or need that ends up unused in a drawer somewhere!


    A word describing pigeon fanciers in the North East of England (maybe should be apathetic) Leave it to somebody else Somebody else will do it (but I'm not) And those that step up and do the work are fed up of carrying the rest of them Why should those who "do", carry the burden that should be shared by all, not just the few Here's one extremely p*ssed off "fancier"
  7. My OH visited this site last week and he said it is enormous - it needs to be booked via the RPRA, there are many areas that the birds can be liberated from and there are facilities for the drivers - showers etc, which in itself is a rarity https://www.google.com/maps/place/Arena+UK/@52.9513858,-0.7008002,696m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x6b9aafac4823415e!8m2!3d52.9514521!4d-0.6971531 directions to arena UK.pdf
  8. I send mine to: Sandhill Veterinary Services, 14 Long Street, Topcliffe, Thirsk YO7 3RW Tel: 01845 578710 I also visit before season starts (approx 80 mile round trip ) , and have birds looked at - look at their website - they have a page specifically for pigeons - they are avian vets only https://www.sandhillvet.co.uk/game-birds/
  9. But will also send droppings sample to vets during December to see if any treatment is needed before pairing up.
  10. That is incorrect information and has now been revised. Shows are allowed outside avian flu zones (but nobody within those zones can take part)
  11. Got mine about 3 weeks ago, one in each arm, usually have a bad reaction to both, but only sore arm a couple of days - not the usual fortnight! My sister is part of a trial - in her late 70's she had jabs separately, a month apart - she has antibody testing, but hasn't divulged any information, I will have to ask her!
  12. Issued to Sodbury Vale North Road Homing Society - it's in Bristol
  13. I'm not receiving any e-mail notifications
  14. The care home is in Nottingham - the details have been passed on to a young female fancier in the Nottingham area who will make the arrangements
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