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  1. naedoos

    SU22DF 66

    wee cheque hen just in??
  2. Dark Cheque
  3. Sorry Mark just noticed your reply. Thanks for the offer again but it got picked up on Sunday👍
  4. Came in this afternoon, any takers?
  5. That would be great Mark, bring a box if you have one as I don't have any left👍
  6. Blue single W/F hen?? Just got her in, any takers??
  7. That's why you were chosen Davie, he couldnae flee a kite on a windy day but had nae qualms aboot rippin you aff amongst others!

  8. Actually did read the post correctly, the reasons given were because the result of the vote!! Only 1 person lookin stupid here
  9. No nonsense!! this was on the agenda and voted on at a meeting and was voted out democratically
  10. What will we use to rent them wi if you've spent aw the money buyin a transporter that disnae hold them all??
  11. naedoos

    Su20Nw 998

    Came in with our y/b's, blue rubber
  12. Lotta sheite as usual
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