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  1. That's why you were chosen Davie, he couldnae flee a kite on a windy day but had nae qualms aboot rippin you aff amongst others!

  2. Actually did read the post correctly, the reasons given were because the result of the vote!! Only 1 person lookin stupid here
  3. No nonsense!! this was on the agenda and voted on at a meeting and was voted out democratically
  4. What will we use to rent them wi if you've spent aw the money buyin a transporter that disnae hold them all??
  5. naedoos

    Su20Nw 998

    Came in with our y/b's, blue rubber
  6. Lotta sheite as usual
  7. They'll maybe have to change their rules when they stop selling the ETS rings then ??
  8. Had it happen to me a few times Roland but it's not the point of losing a £1.50 ring that's the pain in the @rse. it's nice knowing that the bird has been in somewhere and been looked after, god knows we've helped hundreds on their way ourselves (without stealing the ETS rings ) the pain in the @rse is having to get a new ETS ring assigned to the bird!! All our birds have phone number stickers on their ETS rings so if the person gives us a wee call to let us know the bird's been in to them and they're that hard up then we would gladly post a brand new ETS ring to them which would be a lot less hassle
  9. If yer birds are no worth putting a £1.50 ring on them maybe you shouldnae be racing them??
  10. It's not my fed mate. The point I was trying to make was that someone was trying to say that John McCord wasn't interested in the pigeons. What I was putting forward was from our own experience, we know our birds were getting looked after properly as they returned in good numbers and in good condition when he was convoying them. This wasn't to slate the guy that's doing the convoying now as I don't even know him, but there's obviously something going wrong somewhere!
  11. naedoos

    Su20Af 16

    came in this afternoon wi the young birds
  12. Agree with all you have said but also make sure that the pocket clock has been in both base stations "BEFORE" any birds arrive home.
  13. Not sure what your gripe is but you're way out of order saying John McCord has no interest in the pigeons. After sending with the Fife Federation as trainers the last 7 years or so, I know that our birds normally returned in good numbers and in excellent condition both from the Fife racepoints and with the SNFC!
  14. naedoos

    Su20Af 749

    In with the y/b's yesterday
  15. Came in with the y/b's this morning Fed, watered n liberated again when the weather cleared but back in again
  16. naedoos

    Su17Ne 519

    Been evicted couple o times but seems to like it here, came in Monday
  17. naedoos


    Still no got a "real" answer then??
  18. What I meant was sometimes people in positions that they are incompedent in, usually try to cover up that incompedence by twaddling a load o rubbish that they hope other people will get lost in. That sometimes leads to them getting a vote of "no confidence" which the really incompedent ones will ignore!😉
  19. All updates have been emailed to secretary's (except Bobby) if secretary's choose not to inform you then maybe you need a new secretary??
  20. Who knows!! He may even get a vote of "No Confidence" and be asked to stand down😉
  21. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just you continue to lead the blind, "BLIND MAN" 😉 But remember that by your selfish, foolish actions by continuing to ignore guidelines from both the SHU & RPRA that ALL the genuine pigeon fanciers may get no racing at all this year.
  22. Only guys that live in the dark are you guys as ye go about permanently blindfolded Tommy Here's the latest regarding pigeon racing taken from the Scottish Parliament website Question S5W-29647: Jeremy Balfour, Lothian, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Date Lodged: 03/06/2020 Hide Full Question << To ask the Scottish Government what guidance it has issued regarding the racing of pigeons during the COVID-19 outbreak, and whether it has granted the Royal Pigeon Racing Association approval to resume racing. Current Status: Expected Answer date 18/06/2020
  23. some folk on here widnae be able tae find coo's in a field Tommy....try looking in the SHU email that was posted up in the RPRA post
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