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  1. Will be leaving this one sided site as its not for me I have generated 5,000 of look ins, stood my ground. With what ever put before me, and yet for a. Few weasels on. Here running to the mods to have my post taken down,those on here are two faced and can't stomach the truth and will batter with. Me all day long till I get the better of them and all of a sudden they don't like. It check who has answers my posts and it will lead to the cants that have moaned. Like *expletive removed* to stop my answers this site is not for me, as they boys on here can. Cry wolf all they like sorry I. Came back helping. The site. To get the post up And having a laugh but the we cleek of billy goats on here are better with yous than with mee
  2. Bigda


    The Eagle. Owl does not get the same encouragement for breeding as the peregrine, and golden eagle gets
  3. The prices have now doubled lol
  4. Nope people still leave property for Inheritance but if they. Don't take up the advice they will leave with nothing I am only here to inform the pilgrims bigda as is
  5. In three week time feed them one of a special feed 3 times a day for one week ask about for feeders from clubs with one wing stripped they should deal. With the da first then maw
  6. You have a problem not to far from. Your loft that would have been by the hen percey before she goes to the nest things will quieten down for the next 3 weeks till she will Visit you again again look along them. Crags from findocky
  7. Bigda

    Derby Arona

    Would agree with you there wull but the twitcher will not have the same enthusiasm as us . but for the 40 mile out tosses cause for concern are needed to be dealt with
  8. Bigda

    Derby Arona

    Arona can't seem to train there pigeons to well, as every local toss seems to affect the returns this should not be supported as if left, it will bring the pigeon game down . to much exposure will bring out the twitcher, and home racing will suffer don't forget the one loft race is run for profit ,bird losses is not the end game, if It was not the case. Returns should have been made to improved, the returns, over the years, as a more skillfull race plan should have been made and not gone down hill so much these entries have dire consequences from the birds that bred them and fancier's can't work out as what's gone wrong with these birds as most are of there best stock
  9. Your heed is to dense to even take as water boarding ya numpty
  10. The best thing is the rubber sheet
  11. If you live in these areas you could. Loose your house and getting another from the council will be hard as there will be 100,000 all looking for a place to stay and renting will also be costly don't leave it to late or the cat will be out of the bag
  12. Trust me that is the distance from Hastings to Coatbridge we used to fly from it over the years
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