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  1. Our birds were up early from Grantham - my last bird home has been hawk damaged - a claw hole in the shoulder, 20/20 eventually
  2. Back turned for five minutes and it happened again whilst I was making a cup of tea, and it was indeed a crow at it again. The old crow that used to come in the garden and caused no bother has been replaced with a younger model. An absolute nuisance.
  3. I have 7 missing from 36, hopefully will be here in the morning. One hen returned injured also. Worst returns I've had this season - Folkestone - 260 miles
  4. The paperwork for the transportation of the birds is going to be fun (not), you need an administrator at each marking station looking at it , and checks will be very stringent - looks like every basket may even have to be labelled with the ring numbers of the birds in each individual basket. Perfect paperwork at a marking station is highly unlikely
  5. 1 missing Chelmsford (206 miles) (Sunday) Birds all came out of the North, 39th pigeon returned with half a tail around 8pm - I am missing a yearling (left most of the yearlings at home) Club winning velocity was 1650 Fed velocity 1698 Despite the good returns the race was a disappointing one.
  6. Hope it got home - message on Facebook
  7. Guess the birdage From top to bottom of combine distances are 252 to 350 miles - the first combine race of the season My guess is 18251 birds
  8. 1080ypm Do you think they will be up tomorrow - it doesn't look very dry your way!
  9. Redcar Central Flying Club 5th race of the season - Chelmsford - 208 miles approx 20 members sent 430 birds
  10. I noticed it played better via vimeo - the link is further down the page
  11. 🤭 It is a trailer to a short film that has been made over the last 2 and a half years, the film itself will be released in about 2 weeks time https://www.pigeonmen.com/
  12. I thought I was all home on race day but had one back Sunday morning, so guess I was not. Strangely however I have had two 'young birds' back, one Saturday and one Sunday that went missing from a bad training toss in August 2021! One could have been fielding, but the other one was immaculate, they're both in sick bay 'under observation'. One of the returnees is out of an old boy who hasn't filled an egg this year.
  13. WDA Huntingdon 7.20am Durham Combine Huntingdon 9.00am
  14. UNC GRANTHAM Lib group 2 - Newcastle West, Gateshead, Durham Middle Route up at 7.20 UNC HUNTINGDON Lib Group 1 up @ 7.40am Lib group 3 up @ 8.00am Lib group 4 up @ 8.20am Lib group 5 up @ 8.40am Light SW wind
  15. One thing for sure, it's not safe leaving birds unattended even when they are in a basket!
  16. 32/32 but I didn't send any yearlings race was 115 miles
  17. Report direct and get owners details to your e-mail address https://www.nehu.co.uk/reportstraynehu.asp
  18. Yep - that's just like it, sits on my fence and chimney pot every day squawks a lot! The dog barks at it constantly whenever she sees it
  19. I do have an old crow that visits my garden regularly, I never thought of that.
  20. 5 hens were left in a wicker basket on the front of the loft while my OH took the rest to the club house for transporter training. As we both went into the garden I noticed a lot of feathers surrounding the basket on the lawn. Every one of the 5 hens had damaged wings - one was missing the centre of one wing, all the others with bent or broken flights and three with missing tails. I am presuming a hawk attack with the hawk attacking through the handle opening of the wicker basket or possibly a cat, but unlikely to have one hen with the centre section missing from one wing from a cat. You would think a wicker basket would be a safe haven for them. No blood or puncture wounds anywhere. Has anybody had a hawk attacking a basket of birds?
  21. Best race I had had in years - except the 'not winning' bit. Birds came extremely well and faster than expected 1859.175 ypm - the club winner was on 1859.7 All birds home though, the last one was at 16.58
  22. I can just see a convoy being turned back......actually, at the moment the French aren't allowing Belgians into France to train because of avian flu! I don't know about racing....nor do I know about the vet checks for the convoy.....
  23. It is not a requirement this year - it is "within the year", the main requirement is registering with DEFRA/APHA and waiting as there is currently nothing in place, which is supposed to be rectified 'very soon'
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