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  1. A DEFRA requirement for those who have a CPH number and want to race the channel - you have to keep records of the birds you have bred and a "where are they now" list, lost in action etc. I have an excel spreadsheet that I have used for the past 8 years, recording young birds etc, which now needs updating with old birds, though I do record non returns on the ETS sheets. Do any of the other members keep records and in what format ?
  2. Another one this morning 6/8 Very thin young hen, with muddy feet
  3. I did It said the first race - must have been the only organisation that didn't cancel that weekend. I didn't think it did us any favours to be honest
  4. Sorry Andy - 1 yesterday morning and one this morning - one of my good hens came yesterday - very thin - the other one still missing. 5/8 - I remain hopeful Two races for this coming weekend and not looking forward to them
  5. Not a great race, I don't know what is happening with racing these days. Was 6th club, 6hrs 37 mins for 245 miles Only 3 home from 8 sent. My best 2 hens nowhere to be seen. Disappointing day
  6. Birds liberated at 8.30 am in a light NW wind increasing in speed the further north they go. Will update when I get one!
  7. Good night God bless ma'am
  8. The Up North Combine are at Maidstone 4880 young birds will be released between 8 and 9am hopefully heading straight home. 8 of them will be mine
  9. In the end I have e-mailed Rod Adams - he thinks it is a benign neoplasm and should be left alone (which is what we are doing) or only be dealt with by a vet, as there isn't a simple solution. Just thought I would update you
  10. Up North Combine Thirsk x 1 liberation Wetherby x 7 liberations Worksop x 1 liberation I think!
  11. You'd have thought he'd go to Aldi or Lidl 🤣 Glad your bird was sorted Neil
  12. It's a long way, whereas Alabama Bob was thought to have hitched a lift on a ship, I daresay there would be more ships heading for America than Norway. Are any birds with fanciers? With the way things are heading with the import requirements of racing pigeons (affecting all countries not just the UK) I wouldn't imagine it would be that easy to get birds home. I do know a few years ago that a fancier in Denmark or Norway who got a British bird in, met up with a UK fancier at one of the German pigeon shows - other than that - I don't know
  13. I have 2 x 2007 hens, one still looks well, the other is showing her age!
  14. It is currently 35°C in Redcar and expected to reach 37°C I'm in the house - out of it! The hottest temperatures today appear to be in York and some Scottish locations - there has been some very strong (but alas - hot) gusts of wind here - what's it like where you are? Stay safe all, no alcohol and plenty of water 😉
  15. I hope more make it home
  16. Wish I had a bigger garden! They look fabulous
  17. She has a growth or abscess, behind the ear - she is 15 years old now, we have 2 x 15 year old hens and this one looks her age! Should we try lancing it or leave well alone, she has been in a widowhood hen box for several weeks but has had this problem for over a year and we have just recently boxed her up
  18. You missed out the €400 vet fee before 8am. Calais is not currently accepting racing pigeons (22 Mile crossing) nearest is Caen - a 9 hour ferry crossing and a further 4 hour drive (190 miles)to our nearest racepoint
  19. With a vet at every marking station a requirement, there are very few registering in the North East of England. Races probably won't be viable, Calais is not accepting pigeons, so an alternative port has to be found- and a vet to pay for in France as well, what the powers that be expect to happen on a ferry crossing, God only knows! England has more paperwork, as we are all part of the UK - I don't really understand why there should be any difference.
  20. I had 22/23 on Saturday and the last one arrived Sunday evening Very gappy though Saturday
  21. It is different! I have 2 more forms to fill in after getting my CPH number, I have downloaded and printed them off- but one is 9 pages long and the other is 5 pages once completed I have to scan and e-mail to "whoever" What a pain!
  22. It's not George - it's not easy for those who struggle with computers, and if you cannot recognise your address or allotment on a map to get your easting and northing reference - you're stuffed!
  23. Our birds were up early from Grantham - my last bird home has been hawk damaged - a claw hole in the shoulder, 20/20 eventually
  24. Back turned for five minutes and it happened again whilst I was making a cup of tea, and it was indeed a crow at it again. The old crow that used to come in the garden and caused no bother has been replaced with a younger model. An absolute nuisance.
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