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  1. Redcar Central FC 19 members sent 659 to Worksop 87 to 89 miles First young bird race for the club 🤞
  2. Same club, secretary A Richardson 07979 925630 or 0191 586 1050
  3. Horden East End HS its as easy reporting via NEHU stray report with all these breeder buyers https://www.nehu.co.uk/reportstraynehu.asp
  4. Shush 🙊 it's quiet ðŸ¤
  5. We've gone out - they have a DJ and a disco
  6. We lost three youngsters off the loft in April because of her screaming - it literally frightened the life out of them
  7. They did forewarn they were having a party today - the noise of the music is deafening (thank God for double glazing) we haven't bothered getting the young birds out because of the noise and bouncy castle - & their grandchilds screeches and screams - thank God she only visits and doesn't live there! It was an early start - can't wait for the other 20 kids to arrive 😳
  8. I only guessed from looking at the dreadfully low velocities in the Up North Combine and WDA yesterday - one result was 345ypm for 16th federation! Atleast yours was better than that!
  9. There is a free app on Amazon called racing pigeon speed- but I don't think it's a club app- just works out velocities I think
  10. Why are they not able to get on Walter - did they say? Not had any problems myself
  11. Thanks 'son'! Sent 28
  12. Old birds - Huntingdon - 160 miles to me - Up North Combine
  13. I've sent you a PM with some advice


    Awful - I still have 3 youngsters missing from Saturday You just don't know what they go through once they're out of sight


    Another 4 back since I posted - one is badly injured and won't race this year - 5 more to come


    I've had a nightmare toss as well - 45 youngsters let loose at 5.15pm yesterday - approx 14 miles (& they had a one hour loft fly beforehand, so, in theory they would come straight home) after 1hr 35 minutes 3 arrived, and over an hour later 17 together. 18 missing at nightfall, 9 back so far this morning, 9 still adrift, it was their 4th training toss
  17. Durham Combine - Maidstone up at 8.45 West Durham Amalgamation - also Maidstone - up at 9.00am
  18. Up North Combine FOLKESTONE Birds liberated at 7.05 Light SW wind
  19. This RPRA statement-does it refer to this petition - ie an EU petition will not help the UK as we are no longer in the EU 36_rpra.pdf
  20. GB-2019-S-31697 NWHU-2020-E-2929 Above have landed on a ship - in the Bay of Biscay! 3.07.21
  21. I came across a site for 'non-fanciers' possibly, to report lost pigeons https://mypigeons.benzing.live/en/lost/ It doesn't look as if it actually informs the owners........... but I could be wrong Anyway - one has been reported recently at Boulby near Staithes SU-2017-ML-238 Reported by Rob Taylor robtaylor867@gmail.com 07790940538 Date and time of report 05.07.2021, 23:14 Pigeon condition Exhausted Detailed information Found with beak stuck with solid mud. Exhausted but alive. Given water and crushed special k cornflakes. Found at ICL BOULBY MINE N.E. COAST nr Staithes

    U N C

    Variable - my own club 10% missing - top end getting returns today - possibly 40% missing last night. Ged said there's lots of strays on the allotments where the majority of our club fly - only 2 contained so far and they are from WDA
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