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  1. Yes good point I am adding a better larger aviary so thinking feed in that for youngsters . I think I will do the same for all of them apart from the race Cocks
  2. Do members feed once a day after flying ? If so how much would you give and of what I tend to feed just under a quarter ounce in the morning and a ounce at night I loft fly after work at night . Having been tested high dust allergy I wouldn’t mind feeding once a day so another less bit of time in the loft
  3. My family is about 60/70 per cent FVW from Ingram and Langton they are the most consistent birds I have had in my loft ever they have been crossed with Zwol Heremans Ceuleman and produced winners can’t fault them
  4. neila

    Ets advice

    One thing I have discovered is Unikon response time to emails is terrible I can’t think how they survive as a business. Various emails over 3 days phone calls made at various times and nothing in reply . The service has certainly put me off
  5. neila

    Ets advice

    Not so easy but ni take your point
  6. neila

    Ets advice

    Thank you all for all your help I really don’t have a clue about ETS and I have more of a idea now after to all your advice Yesterday morning I was thinking of around £450 /£500 upwards just for the stuff I require and now with Lindsay good spot on eBay of one for sale I am up and running for £330. Next stage will be to get a bit better understanding of what the club needs in able for me to use mine .
  7. neila

    Ets advice

    I got it for £330 so I can work out over winter the next stage club wise
  8. neila

    Ets advice

    I am right in thinking this is a champ ?
  9. neila

    Ets advice

    Thanks I will read that a couple of times so it goes in my brain
  10. neila

    Ets advice

    Would that be the ring marker device or another expensive item ?
  11. neila

    Ets advice

    That’s great thank you for your help
  12. neila

    Ets advice

    That’s reasonable is that all I would need mate? Sorry it’s all new to me
  13. neila

    Ets advice

    They are very much against it but I would like it even if I race for fed cards and not club cards
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