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  1. Bred 41 ended with 32 all had 3 races apart from 7 that had 1 race as I’m seeing if it matters that they only have one race as babies kept training on my 16 miles break point 3:4 times a week for 3 weeks after I stopped them As a I rule I send them to all but the last race or two but this year I wasn’t happy with the line the birds were on plus I kept reading of heavy losses so I played safe . It may be a mistake and I could have a team if thick pigeons that go down easily next year
  2. neila

    The Moult.

    I am feeding 15 grams a mix of barley and seed before work and a mix of beans and peas after work to they start to mess about . I use 2 different oils twice a week each dried with provite and iodine in the drinker 2/3 days a week feather quality is really good so far
  3. Thanks for the feed back
  4. I have 2 teams Andy Both in small sections I am thinking of trying it on one team and keep the others on iodine a couple of times a week I may put t in the grub if I go for it as it’s not cheap
  5. Yes not cheap I don’t really understand how it works or what’s in it The bloke I spoke to said it’ keep his babies healthy last year
  6. Anyone use wonder pigeon on there youngsters A mate of mine said he thinks it’s good just wondered what other people honk if it’s I was thinking of trying it on the youngsters
  7. neila


    That’s good mate Your need a few sprinters just to make it interesting while you preparing for the longer races
  8. neila


    I can’t see it opening up either mate Will you get your old pigeons back or concentrate on the Thurso Lerwick type races be loads of options with the bicc going north more and talk of the new organisation flying north
  9. neila


    Going to start my first round off next week They don’t seem to have roamed as good as other years only 20 mins but seem to fly around home more apart from one day when they went for 2 hours I know a fair few that are already at 25 miles with youngsters 4 weeks before the first race is enough for me as when I start I like to go often What’s everyone else doing
  10. I tried on some yearlings flew great at home looked the part but always just behind my widowhood cocks on race day . It may have been that I didn’t pick the right cocks to try it on otr my motivation tricks didn’t work I think your better off flying pigeons that have been paired and claimed a box they don’t have to have babies none of my racers ever do but I like them To have sat eggs for 2 weeks for
  11. Lovely birds really well bred
  12. That's really interesting Not a easy task I wish you all the best , be great to see how the season goes for you
  13. I never really thought about fanciers keeping racing pigeons on a island Do you have other fanciers would your nearest club be on the mainland ,it's interesting to see how you go about things that I would take for granted just like training
  14. Had the cocks 7 times to 15 mile as the crow flies hens 6 times ,didn't go for a few days as the wind is cold from the East and I don't want them in to many east winds Doing it in 16/17 mins I have one cock injured reluctant to fly but no sign of injury so I guess he clipped his wing flying low in the eat winds Cocks flying 50/60 mins hens do 75 mins and I have to call them down or they would go on Ybs starting to go out a few taking to the sky so far so good We start racing on the 8th may
  15. If the cocks have claimed a box put he hens in the closed half for a day ,then let the cocks in for a while why you stand guard after a while then let 2/3 pairs out together It takes the shock away from the yearling hens and while locked in with the cocks locked out he can seduce her without causing harm
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