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  1. I use them in my hens with boards under the perch area set at a angle and hinged to the back so not sh** really goes on the grids
  2. I use about 15 percent pellets during the moult and then when babies are in the nest I put a Handful in each box with fat seeds of a morning so they get easy to digest first feed .This year from December to pairing I plan to feed 5 parts barley 1 part layers instead of just barley and my racers will be in that to mid March as they don’t rear .
  3. neila


    Anyone feed Beyers corn ? i normally feed Bamfords or VL I thought I would try Beyers and I find my birds do not clear the maize the same normally they clear maize and would leave other grains but I noticed it’s not the case with Beyers Anyone else notice this ?
  4. Do any members add vitamin C to the water at all before or after flight ? would it be any use for short races or only suitable after a long hard fly
  5. interesting older topic this Had the cocks out 6 times and first time today they flew with speed as a team , pleased with them so far I have them on tight rations at the moment they are a little under weight which is ok for me just in a ounce a day since mid December unless it’s a minus tempt then I give a little more good to see how others are going
  6. neila

    Natural hens

    In two minds what to do I have my 20 cocks I keep looking at the hens although some very good fanciers have told me for sprinting not to race there hens As I seem to get by with the Vicks but I do have 7 extra hens plus I have a 4 retired cocks that I haven’t bred out of but kind of put them to one side plus two June bred cocks that I could add to the 4 . i am weighing up if it’s worth it or not
  7. neila

    Natural hens

    How interesting pretty much exactly what I was heading towards in my head I have some lovely yearling hens and I like the idea of celibacy but thinking as we all do more and more and I started thinking of a yearling hens on there first nest ever potential for 6-7 weeks of her experiencing the first pairing to eggs to young plus they would be super fit by the time they are paired by flying unpaired during March i am in two minds to be honest
  8. neila

    Natural hens

    Anyone race hens on natural for sprinting at all if so do you train a fair bit or flag at a certain times I have a idea of just pairing 6 hens so they sit eggs from early April rearing youngsters in May so it’s the first nest of the year etc
  9. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Cheers mate I will let them know sure one of them must be on Facebook I’m not myself
  10. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Thanks I will pass the number on to one of the club members today
  11. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Will look today it never arrived yesterday 👍
  12. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Would that be the complete system apart from leads? If so would you have a number I could pass on to a club member thank you
  13. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Hi mate thank you we are bidding on that one 👍kind of you to let me know though We got out bid on two recently so hopefully get a bit of luck they seem to have gone up . Mine was £310 in august so I was thinking about £350 but there hitting £400
  14. neila

    Unikon ETS

    Anyone who has a unikon ETS for sale could they let me know as 4 of my club members are looking to purchase a system each thanks
  15. Yes that’s what I do increase it to a base mix I tend to use a base with added barley early in the week maize late in the week with some fat seeds
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