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  1. I will have a look at the product thanks
  2. Anyone finding the Gem matrix more grit than powder /minerals of late I stopped buying it as it was heavy on grit but not sure if a good alternative
  3. That’s interesting I use protein powder after a head wind on a Sunday did you use it set days from weaning or after certain races
  4. What if any minerals or powders do members use in there corn I use provite or brewers yeast for stock and brewers yeast early in the week for racers . I see there are lots of alternatives though
  5. Hi mate i had the nest box in there but they used them more like yb do ,not really going to the same box a few did but the vast majority didn’t which I thought maybe was down to not having a nest
  6. That’s good mine looked like world beaters but I think I didn’t motivate them correctly looking back cocks didn’t all claim a box they were more like youngsters changing perch’s maybe if they had claimed a set box it would have worked for me
  7. Anyone fly this system I tried it but found the cocks looked great flew great at home but just off the pace on a Saturday compared to the cocks that had had eggs or babies in the box
  8. Hi Peter I use to use flax oil years ago but one of them things I forgot about to the back end of the moult I will use it a couple of times of week to March ad I have it now
  9. Does anyone use flax oil on the corn
  10. I think there good and bad in all strains you just have to get a bit lucky and find the good ones . by going to someone like Herron and son you cut down the risk of buying from untested birds so it makes it easier to find the good ones
  11. Cheers mate can I just check ,it says on the tub 5 gram per 2 litre so is a spoon 1.6/7 grams ? As you said 3 spoon per 2 lit
  12. Got one flight to go on most I have fed 2 barley 2 mixed peas and beans 1 seed now they are on 2 barley 1 mixed peas/beans to February
  13. Hi anyone know the dose if I want to put it on corn rather than in the water I have done it in the past but can’t remember the amount
  14. Mine are looking well fed 1 beans 1 mixed peas 1 seed 2 barley Gemthepax on the food 3 days wheat germ oil 2 days and iodine in the water 2/3 days first time I have not used iodine during the moult only during the race season I will do it again . will worm them twice snd treat with para stop in December
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