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  1. Yes that’s what I do increase it to a base mix I tend to use a base with added barley early in the week maize late in the week with some fat seeds
  2. neila


    Blimey I never expected that mate silly me
  3. neila


    Anyone having trouble reading messages ? I can't seem to open mine but can see there's one there
  4. neila

    Unikon pad

    Hi if anyone has a unikon pad for sale please pm me
  5. neila

    How many

    How many youngsters did members wean and how many do you have now ? I weaned 41 and I now have 29 having flown one race from 94 miles and about 25 trainers so i am 25 per cent down after one race seems a lot
  6. neila


    How’s training going for everyone I only had 3 tosses 5 mile ,8 mile and 18 mile stopped now because of the heat plus they were taking to long so I will train and feed once a day to get then thinking once the heat drops . i can’t see me getting in the first race so hope to be ready for weeks 2 and 3 as I’m in hospital week 4
  7. neila

    todays racing

    Only raced to 250 miles but luckily I only lost 1 that’s was flying around home . I also removed one that had a knock to its wing as a baby so my error trying it as a old bird as it was late 3 weeks in a row . I started with 20 ended with 18 cocks
  8. neila

    Yb training

    Good ideas like you mine get plenty at 18 miles 1 st 5 miles 2at 8mile . i may try 2 at 25 miles but aim for 15 tosses at 18 miles . Just to learn A to B fast as they can
  9. neila

    Yb training

    A lot around me have been training for a few weeks . I plan to start the end of next week how’s everyone’s training going what times of day are you training to avoid peregrines are you having them out before training etc
  10. Yes good point I am adding a better larger aviary so thinking feed in that for youngsters . I think I will do the same for all of them apart from the race Cocks
  11. Do members feed once a day after flying ? If so how much would you give and of what I tend to feed just under a quarter ounce in the morning and a ounce at night I loft fly after work at night . Having been tested high dust allergy I wouldn’t mind feeding once a day so another less bit of time in the loft
  12. My family is about 60/70 per cent FVW from Ingram and Langton they are the most consistent birds I have had in my loft ever they have been crossed with Zwol Heremans Ceuleman and produced winners can’t fault them
  13. neila

    Ets advice

    One thing I have discovered is Unikon response time to emails is terrible I can’t think how they survive as a business. Various emails over 3 days phone calls made at various times and nothing in reply . The service has certainly put me off
  14. neila

    Ets advice

    Not so easy but ni take your point
  15. neila

    Ets advice

    Thank you all for all your help I really don’t have a clue about ETS and I have more of a idea now after to all your advice Yesterday morning I was thinking of around £450 /£500 upwards just for the stuff I require and now with Lindsay good spot on eBay of one for sale I am up and running for £330. Next stage will be to get a bit better understanding of what the club needs in able for me to use mine .
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