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  1. DJWa


    ABERDEEN FED AGM on the 28th of november Robbie
  2. dont know if its possable to filter out all the guests when looking to see who is on site , as a nightmare going through all the pages , and all friends have been removed from profiles , so need to find them other ways to message them , cheers dave
  3. both finalists born in Canada thats a 1st
  4. ARE YOU STUPID ,or just thick , can you not read ive already told you all ive done was repeat whats on the potteries website ,
  5. im not implying anything alan , im just stating what is on the potteries website , it could be you who is talking crap, as you were not there, and the guys on the website were either in phone contact or there, in the case of the convoyer , if your sure your right i suggest you go onto the potteries website and call them liars or keep your gob closed , i had 2 birds in the race in my syndicate so thats my interest whats yours ?
  6. read the potteries website 2 fanciers from ELGIN were at the liberation 1 of them called ALAN their opinions were asked for and duly given 1 saying at 07.50 they would be ok to lib in 1/2 an hour the birds were let up at 08.30 so going by that the 2 locals and the convoyer all thought the weather was ok at the lib site
  7. old format was easy to work , im afraid this is 100 times worse
  8. club sec GIBBY REID home number is 01224 697613
  9. DJWa


    ELGIN bird phone sec Rick richards 07483 250960
  10. DJWa


    Empty your message box
  11. going by the 2 x 24 hour delays that would mean basketing on sunday but getting reviewed on saturday , thats how i read it ,
  12. 32 miles apart 35 by road
  13. did they liberate today
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