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  1. taylorslofts i think mark young has in 2642 as well
  2. 543 b to aberdeen and 581 to fraserburgh
  3. ABERDEEN hardly any wind here high broken cloud
  4. hope its ok . too many good birds going awol ]
  5. we will still keep them pal , even if in smaller numbers
  6. get them to transfer it to drummoak beside aberdeen , and i can collect it
  7. DJWa

    Ets advice

    a new unikon system costs over £600 and ive not seen any second hand ones going for less than £250/£300
  8. DJWa


    traprain club , sec T Mcleod 07428 592919
  9. is cemetry the old lad centre in front row lol
  10. weathers changed andy , prob get a few birds work home
  11. stevie taylors will get him to phone you mark
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