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  1. I have found an article re human non mendelian traits, and hoping he can relate it to dogs - thanks for a nudge in the right direction
  2. I don't know if this screenshot will be visible - but he is on Facebook
  3. When your grandson asks for help with an assignment And you haven't a clue! I've googled but not come up with any suggestions as to what non mendelian traits are associated with dogs
  4. From 21st April 2021 - transporting live animals between EU countries will be subject to 3 weeks quarantine (this includes racing pigeons) This is of course unworkable - this will affect Belgian and Dutch racing (as well as all other countries) I don't know why the changes are taking place , if you look at the following PDF in English and search for 'pigeons' the page above it gives the effective date approx page 84/172 https://eur-lex.europa.eu/eli/reg/2016/429/oj
  5. Barnes & Coulson bros Ryhope HS won Lillers in 1982,there was another partnership of Coulson & Rose brothers at Castletown (also Sunderland) - so there might be a few families or may all be related
  6. There is a partnership of Coulsons in Sunderland who topped the combine from Folkestone recently? Is that who you mean? I don't know the father's name (he's in his 60's) but the son is called Russell (late 20's early 30's)
  7. Columbovac or Colombovac - there are two, the former is Roumanian and not approved in this country - the latter is the approved vaccine - and I have seen the unapproved one for sale on Facebook so know people are using them! Have you tried a probiotic? Oregano in the water? Acidifying the water?
  8. I've only ever seen the odd one - is there lots?
  9. This was a recent one put on Facebook - one thought to have been hit by bird of prey - think there's two others different colours taking a more direct line
  10. It was a cock - lost it first race! So I didn't get to see it moulted out!
  11. Miles behind! But currently 4 back from 6 sent - so returns appear to be pretty good
  12. UNC Maidstone (Lakes) Approx 9000 young birds will be liberated at 7.50 in a NE wind Good Luck everybody
  13. It would really be worth while for those of you willing to take part - I certainly would (but in England so don't think I would be eligible) My sister died at the age of 55 from lung cancer - there are so many cancers that only get diagnosed at a late stage because there are no obvious symptoms


    Saltwell HS secretary is W Nicklin 0191 670 3424 (in Felling NE10)
  15. We have two, possibly three (discussing a 'comeback' race) left
  16. Unfortunately some decisions have to be made without the majority present - and it may not meet with everybodies approval, our organisation has had meetings, some have taken place in the open air, and others in an enclosed room, it's not ideal whichever way you look at it
  17. Leadgate HS secretary A Malpass. Tel: 07732 312706
  18. West Durham Amalgamation Newark Birds liberated at 8.25am


    West Durham Amalgamation gone today for race 'tomorrow' UNC delayed basketing until tomorrow, as have the Durham Combine (I think)
  20. Some say no it shouldn't be taken into account - but when it's predicted between 42 & 47mph North - would you send if basketing was to go ahead? (Young birds) Even for North Road birds - the youngsters can't be in control under those conditions, I wouldn't want to be out in it myself!
  21. I don't think we have any members in Worcester on pigeon basics - most are in Scotland or the North East of England
  22. A youngster has been reported dead on Facebook - by a non fancier, but not sure if the ring number is correct 20 W 912 (is there a W or should it be NW?)
  23. 2 missing from 23 sent, very fast race, expect they'll be in Scotland somewhere!!
  24. Don't know how fast other people's birds were doing, but my first was doing 65mph! (1918ypm)
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