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  1. We purchased this roof box to train our pigeons but due to my cousins on going back problems it makes it impossible for him to lift the crates into the box roof also comes with drinking system Its in excellent condition and can be viewed in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire Price is £450.00 or nearest offer Telephone Alex Blyth on 07943 704433
  2. Hi Kathkds Hopefully sorted thanks for your help Cheers Alex Blyth Homer 49
  3. Hi Have a young bird reported with a non fancier can anyone from Ashington or Gateshead help Lady lives in Ashington but works in Gateshead Cheers Homer 49
  4. Hi Been ask to post this stray Tommy Hislop has it 07920127072 Cheers Homer 49
  5. HOMER49


    Hi Who bred and raced a pigeon called HIGH NOON I think it was a winner of Nantes in the 1960s Cheers Homer 49
  6. HOMER49


    Hi Looks like she is on her way home, was taking bigger swings this morning then gone Cheers Homer 49
  7. HOMER49


    Hi In a couple of days ago Cheers Homer 49
  8. Covid seems to be changing so if you feel unwell for any reason test yourself for Covid My wife Margaret was sick and had lots of bowel movements I was blaming the lunch at a garden centre on Tuesday as she was still the same on Thursday morning tested her again and it was positive She had none of the Covid known symptoms She had an infusion of XEVUDY at Monklands hospital yesterday and is 100% better Cheers Homer 49
  9. Hi Lot 28 bid £50.00 Lot 31 bid £50.00 For David Graham (Lanark)
  10. Hi Rab Hope you are feeling better Lot 9 £45
  11. Hi Walter How did the training go today Passed you at Parks Hamilton very nice trailer Cheers Homer 49
  12. HOMER49

    HOMER 49

    Hi Many thanks for your birthday wishes lads Had a lovely Chinese meal with a banana fritter and enjoying a nice malt whiskey my wife bought me Cheers Homer 49
  13. Hi Happy birthday Andy Cheers Homer 49
  14. Hi Couple of things would like to add If your using a PROF base station and your members have any Champ pocket clocks the update will WILL NOT update the champ pocket clock You have to update a Champ base station to update the Champ pocket clocks Cheers
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