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  1. Hi Lot 28 bid £50.00 Lot 31 bid £50.00 For David Graham (Lanark)
  2. Hi Rab Hope you are feeling better Lot 9 £45
  3. Hi Walter How did the training go today Passed you at Parks Hamilton very nice trailer Cheers Homer 49
  4. HOMER49

    HOMER 49

    Hi Many thanks for your birthday wishes lads Had a lovely Chinese meal with a banana fritter and enjoying a nice malt whiskey my wife bought me Cheers Homer 49
  5. Hi Happy birthday Andy Cheers Homer 49
  6. Hi Couple of things would like to add If your using a PROF base station and your members have any Champ pocket clocks the update will WILL NOT update the champ pocket clock You have to update a Champ base station to update the Champ pocket clocks Cheers
  7. December 2021 Dear Alexander, I hope you and your family are keeping well. We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and the difference it has made to people living with sight loss. Although we have a world-class breeding and training programme, unfortunately not every pup will be suited to become a guide dog and occasionally, puppies need to be removed from training. Since we sent Mrs M Blyth their last Pupdate, we’ve sadly made the decision to remove Ginger from the training programme. Ginger’s a fairly headstrong pup and we had spent a lot of time working to improve her recall and focus. Whilst her guiding skills improved, her ability to stay focussed on a task remained an issue and she also reverted back to being nervous of cars. Despite our trainers trying numerous methods to overcome these challenges, it was decided Ginger wouldn’t be suitable as a guide dog or a buddy or companion dog career. So with Ginger’s best interests at heart, we felt it was the right decision to take her out of the training programme. She is currently in the process of being rehomed with a loving family. We are sad to deliver this news, but we hope you can understand that Ginger’s wellbeing is our number one priority. The great news is Mrs M Blyth's Sponsor a Puppy journey will continue with another pup - Sprout! Sprout is at a similar stage as Ginger was and is progressing well in his training. Your sponsorship on behalf of Mrs M Blyth will continue as usual, and we will send Mrs M Blyth regular Pupdates showing how Sprout is getting on! If you have any questions, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0800 953 0113 or email sapenquiries@guidedogs.org.uk. We look forward to updating Mrs M Blyth about Ginger’s new home and Sprout’s journey in your next Pupdate. Thank you so much for your continued support. Kind regards, Chris Allum Puppy Sponsorship Manager P.S. We’ve also updated Mrs M Blyth about Ginger and let them know they’ll be following Sprout going forward. Please do not reply to this e-mail as the inbox is unmonitored, instead send your message to our Supporter Care team by clicking here Web: guidedogs.org.uk/puppy Email: sapenquiries@guidedogs.org.uk Phone: 0800 953 0113
  8. Hi - 3 measure spoons per 2 liters of water or 2 measure spoons per 1 kilogram of grains Cheers Homer 49
  9. My wife and I had our booster and flu jab on Saturday 16th Oct Margaret was absolutely fine but myself 3 days later slept the whole day no pain but just felt like sh*t, following day fine and have been since When you see all the deaths through Covid its a no brainer Cheers Homer 49
  10. Hi Have sent you Davids mobile number Cheers Homer 49
  11. Hi Been told I have a stray there Can anyone help with a contact Cheers Homer 49
  12. HOMER49


    Hi SU21A1317 in last night well down on body will need picked up from Carluke 01555 770377 Cheers Homer 49
  13. Hi Happy birthday Lindsay enjoy your day :drinking-coffee-200: Cheers Homer 49
  14. Hi This one might be closer https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254913677287?epid=78044759&hash=item3b5a0a07e7:g:vAgAAMXQiOdQ4Kmy Cheers Homer 49
  15. HOMER49

    Pigeon Loft

    Hi Both lofts are now away Cheers Homer 49
  16. HOMER49

    Pigeon Loft

    Hi The late Alex Wilkies pigeon lofts at Law near Carluke There is 2 lofts but a local fancier is considering taking the small loft Both are free Mrs Wilkie just wants them away If the small one becomes available will post on here Some pictures of the big loft Cheers Homer 49
  17. Happy birthday Andy Late as well Cheers Homer 49
  18. Hi Happy birthday Gordon and your now a OAP ^_^ ^_^ Cheers Homer 49 :emoticon-0123-party: :emoticon-0123-party:
  19. Hi Very sad news indeed Alex who was 76 played professional football in his younger days Blackburn Rovers was one of the clubs he played for A dedicated pigeon man who loved racing them and an asset to Carluke Flying Club for the many posts he held I will really miss his weekly visits even when you could see he was in pain and I suggested that he did not need to come he said he enjoyed it and wanted to continue Special thanks to Marshall Findlay for tending his birds during Alexs hospitalization On behalf of all the members of Carluke Flying Club Our sincere condolences to his wife Irene and family Alex and Margaret Blyth
  20. Hi Very sad news indeed Ian was 89 past and fell last Sunday and fractured his hip Have known Ian for 55 years + a highly intelligent man with a good head for figures which made him the ideal secretary for Lanarkshire Federation which he excelled at Sincere condolences to Christine and all his family Alex and Margaret Blyth
  21. Hi Happy birthday to both of you Hope your feeling better Willie Cheers Homer 49
  22. Hi Happy birthday Stuart Seven to go Homer 49
  23. Hi Alex I have 5 pads spread across 40 ft. Installed about 2009. Have had one failure because of the DB9 connections having surface rust on the metal ends of the connectors. Cleaned the ends will steel wool and gave them a good smearing of vaseline on the outside metal parts only then covered the connectors with cling film couple of tie wraps to keep the cling film in place. Had no problems since Cheers Homer 49
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