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  1. 'My' vet has come up with a plan - over the Autumn /Winter months a minimum of 10 lofts, they will waiver the mileage and charge £45 per loft, all to be done on the same day and will provide a health plan
  2. The Up North Combine are at Newark showground for their second race Where is everybody else racing from?
  3. I'm not sure that is the purpose of a vet, to sign off to say birds are vaccinated. My vet is expecting to collect a dropping sample and do a salmonella test - which is what they do for poultry exports for the EU, even though pigeons are not in the food chain, they are being 'exported' to be released. This is just second guessing on both parts.
  4. A few yearlings missing, despite the NW wind I have one that has overshot 50 miles!
  5. Up North Combine Pollington Liberation commence St 9.00am 4 liberations at 20 minute intervals, 9am, 9.20, 9.40 & 10am
  6. I've had the birds to the vet this year, but I can't see them coming to see me 35+ miles away I have e-mailed them and awaiting a response to various queries
  7. I am hoping that will be clarified A visit to the vet Or A vet to visit the loft
  8. The Up North Combine is racing this weekend from Pollington Does anybody else start their race programme this weekend?
  9. I would be heartbroken at the sight of those birds
  10. The "drop down box" may have more than one option and it has perhaps defaulted to the wrong option and needs changing manually (I just can't remember the options offhand)
  11. What a lovely summerhouse/office/outbuilding If only............ it looks fabulous 😍
  12. Well I hope this youngster performs as well as he looks, what a difference a few days makes
  13. Because of likely stringent rules, should channel racing go ahead - and the likelihood that birds will all need to go on an accessible data base for border control checks, as a club, any birds not on vaccination sheets are being deleted from the unikon data base so they cannot be "accidentally" race marked. Anybody else being pro active?
  14. That's even worse isn't it 🤣
  15. The two blues - the parents of the blue hen fostering the dark chequer youngster - and the only dark chequer cock in the stock loft
  16. Only one egg hatched, the other got smashed! Only one very dark chequer (almost black)in the stock loft - dam and sire of the motherhen are both chequers I wouldn't lose sleep Andy B 🤭 Annoyingly the 2nd round eggs are empty! She was the first one to lay Kyleakin, so there is a possibility it could be anybodies , it's the same with kids isn't it, you can only be sure who the mother is ............
  17. No, not football. Two blue bars - is it possible to have a "throwback", there's a dark chequer in the nest..........or has she been "playing away" 🙈
  18. I have tried to register my loft with DEFRA - but you now need a CPH (County Parish Holding) number from rural payments according to the paperwork - so I tried to get a CPH number Rural payments have been in touch with me - last week, and they don't have that facility for racing pigeons
  19. There is no point getting in touch with a department not involved in the negotiations, the RPRA are representing all of the organisations, and nothing has filtered down to any of the local offices or other departments, and won't until it is sorted.
  20. The final sale was listed yesterday and includes donations from Woodroffe Bros, Ali Bros, Luc Vervoort, Gibb & Byrne, Marsay, Taylor, Robinson, Jimmy Richardson, to name but a few.
  21. Such a disappointing first round 12 pairs, one hasn't laid, one has only laid one egg, 4 pairs of eggs are not fertile - 6 pairs of eggs are OK - unlucky 13 🥚😬 Some of the fertile eggs will replace some of those that are not fertile as the hens are 6 years +
  22. Thanks a lot Andy - much appreciated (Received with thanks x)
  23. Does anybody have Squills for 2022 and could take a photo of the article for Sexton & Sexton winning the Up North Combine with "Sweet Caroline" and send it to me - either on here or whatsapp (ask for number) or e-mail - pretty please x I am assuming the article is in there
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