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  1. Pentland Hills. 0900 Otterburn South West wind. Good luck
  2. Hey guys after a horror breeding season am looking for some Busschaert ybs or drop me a message of what you have available at reasonable prices.
  3. Who is going to Belgium next year and who is running the bus ??
  4. Whats peoples plans for weaning the yb off darkness ? Do you gradually do it or take them straight off ?
  5. Who can recommend a good widowhood sport mix with a high maize percentage??
  6. 30/34. From Otterburn 67miles. 4 yearlings missing.
  7. How many boxes in a set muttley??
  8. Whats peoples preparation for pairing up what do you guys treat for and how long before pairing.??
  9. 1 Unikon Professional Base Station 1 x Pocket Clock 2 x Pads 5 x Cable's various sizes £425 Edinburgh
  10. I was just watching a short video of Paul swindell he does not train his late breds he let's them mature naturally over the winter. He only starts training them 4 weeks before the 1st race and he also avoids north winds during training as he wants them to only experience that on a tough day as they will just keep flying as they don't know any better. An experienced doo will just take cover rather than fly into a strong North East wind. Paul has timed his late breds out of 620 miles. Its something to consider.
  11. 1st C Bennett 2nd C Bennett 3rd C Bennett pools 4th C Bennett
  12. What about pentland fed. Oh forgot we can't get a driver. Well done freddy for transporting danderhall birds for a club race from Catterick good luck all.
  13. 1st C Bennett 2nd C Bennett 3rd C Bennett 4th J Verth 5th C Bennett 6th J Lamb Chris wins pools.
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