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  1. Who is going to Belgium next year and who is running the bus ??
  2. How many birds in convoy ?
  3. Whats peoples plans for weaning the yb off darkness ? Do you gradually do it or take them straight off ?
  4. Who can recommend a good widowhood sport mix with a high maize percentage??
  5. 30/34. From Otterburn 67miles. 4 yearlings missing.
  6. How many boxes in a set muttley??
  7. Whats peoples preparation for pairing up what do you guys treat for and how long before pairing.??
  8. 1 Unikon Professional Base Station 1 x Pocket Clock 2 x Pads 5 x Cable's various sizes £425 Edinburgh
  9. I was just watching a short video of Paul swindell he does not train his late breds he let's them mature naturally over the winter. He only starts training them 4 weeks before the 1st race and he also avoids north winds during training as he wants them to only experience that on a tough day as they will just keep flying as they don't know any better. An experienced doo will just take cover rather than fly into a strong North East wind. Paul has timed his late breds out of 620 miles. Its something to consider.
  10. 1st C Bennett 2nd C Bennett 3rd C Bennett pools 4th C Bennett
  11. What about pentland fed. Oh forgot we can't get a driver. Well done freddy for transporting danderhall birds for a club race from Catterick good luck all.
  12. 1st C Bennett 2nd C Bennett 3rd C Bennett 4th J Verth 5th C Bennett 6th J Lamb Chris wins pools.
  13. I am looking for a kit of latebreds. Pm me what you have available.
  14. I race in pentland hills fed edinburgh and I think its 30p a bird my club is 35p a bird and for fed opens billericay ob and newark ybs it's £1 per bird.
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