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  1. Well done Tam and Colin, fkn disaster today.
  2. 2/23 from Darlington libbed at 07.00 (finished)
  3. Earlston bird,probs belong toMr Tom Arnott tel07787385542. (ime giving you his number as i dont have yours)
  4. GB22A78662 Come in last night.tel 07594 830174
  5. Well done Andrew and the guys
  6. Well done Andrew&Colin, great flying.
  7. Well done Andrew, back on form!!
  8. fid


    RED COCK, SU18P1457, been in loft two times in past two weeks, must only be 20-25mls from home? 4yr old???.If not claim will report SHU nxt week. 3rd time i have posted this but post always gets lost so wont bother again.
  9. fid


    Reported stray erlier today and no one seems to have even read it so i shall report it next week.
  10. fid


    Doesnt seem to be any interest, i will report it next week
  11. fid


    Red Cock, SU18P1457, 2nd time been here, was tossed last week and come again on tuesday. Must only be abt 25ml from home.(not flown out or injured)Jedburgh.
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