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  1. Fantastic performance, well done Del , and the two doos.
  2. Still looks like only one flew Elgin (maybe got a lift!) the others apart from the last one all appear on same minute.
  3. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Had confirmation birds brought up from Durham on Tuesday, all west birds libbed Strathclyde park on wednesday and lothian east of scotland etc libbed Arniston. All birds were fit and well able to reach home.
  4. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Not sure dun workin, probs in lothians by mr Simpson or Mr Bird, glad you got the bird home.
  5. fid

    Y/b Strays

    One brought up on Tuesday has returned to Prudhoe, SU21P4836, The man is Mr Batty, 07724 615243. Ring him please.
  6. Sent a PM for the 21R pigeon. :)


  7. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Ring Nos 20L2876-21R695-21NW3042-21AV2292-21P2344-21P5023-21L6995-21L1718-21NW4387-21L833-21P4836-21NW1148-21P4887-21TR943-21A4152-21E198-21F1393, AND NOT SURE OF THIS PREFIX,21E191, ? Hope there OK.
  8. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Picked up abt 20 today, will be handing them over to Rick Simpson who will try sort out for lothians etc and he in turn will hand over some to John Bird who will also sort what he can and the rest will go to the stray centre. I will put up ring list tonight.
  9. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Hi guys, tomorrow I will be going to pick up a y/b of ours reported in Phrudhoe I asked if there were any other SU strays that his club members may have and I would take them up the road. He has just rung me and says he has collected 16 from his members from saterday so once I have the ring Nos I will post tomorrow night.
  10. Thanks for the explanation Bobby,so it wasnt because of the weather conditions.It would make a lot more sense just to be up front and then we could all accept the explanation and get on with things.
  11. Andy,I am sure Danderhall did everything they could to ensure their members had a race this week and I applaud them for that.What I am asking is why didn"t Pentland fed have a race?? they cannot blame the weather as 99% of Scottish feds raced on Friday (and by all accounts had great racing). Is there another reason of which we are not entitled to know as we are not Pentland members? we are to small to be told? Looks like we will have to have another 20 Otterburns so as to get time on the wing lol
  12. Could someone tell me, are Danderhall no longer members of Pentland ..federation ?? because it looks like s/b members (or maybe just me know bugger all) whats going on!! we have had two y/b races so far we pay our dues so whats going on!! please tell us.
  13. well done fn taylor and awbody else, marathon racing at its best lol
  14. Bang on Andy 1/2 hour!!
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