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  1. Well done again bud, also well done the other guys.
  2. Well done bud, out on its own.
  3. fid


    SU21 4712 Blue Bar, picked up on farm badly dehydrated and skeletal.
  4. fid


    Found on farm today SU214712 very dehydrated and run down.
  5. fid

    Otterburn 2

    Well done FN Taylor, (sprint king)
  6. fid


    What is the "least" time you have had y/bs on darkness and they still flew successfully.!!!
  7. fid


    Yes mate I did, she was 13th in yearling race.
  8. fid


    Thank you so much for the information, I purchased a lovely hen and the info says she is a grand -daughter of lone ranger, Thanks again.
  9. fid


    Anyone have any information on a pigeon called "Lone Ranger", Bred and raced by a Mr E Walley in North Wales.The bird also (I am told) had an artical written about its performances etc in the 2004 squills book.
  10. Fantastic performance, well done Del , and the two doos.
  11. Still looks like only one flew Elgin (maybe got a lift!) the others apart from the last one all appear on same minute.
  12. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Had confirmation birds brought up from Durham on Tuesday, all west birds libbed Strathclyde park on wednesday and lothian east of scotland etc libbed Arniston. All birds were fit and well able to reach home.
  13. fid

    Y/b Strays

    Not sure dun workin, probs in lothians by mr Simpson or Mr Bird, glad you got the bird home.
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