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  1. September already !, How time flies when you are having fun "NOT", My second round of Late breeds are about ready to leave the nest and join the First Round which are putting in a good shift and a delight to watch, The breeding and rearing programme experiment seems to have been quite successful although it is early days. I have to admit although working with early Computers in the eighties and with the late George Kelly in the Nineties regarding possible Race Programmes I am still trying to get my head round this Site which to an old fart like myself is equivalent to Einstein's "Theory of Relativity", However, We can only endeavour to succeed.
  2. Cheers Andy, I should have wrote Muscle instead of "Framed" as it is known that the skeleton of a pigeon is 20 times lighter than the body weight, If we look at athletes, we find sprinters are tall and with plenty muscle,, milers are medium build, and marathon runners do not have a pick on them. So where does the stamina and energy come from, I suppose it is a secret top fanciers will not dispense with so will have to return to Eddy Newcombe's feeding method excluding Beans and "Wee Mary" will just have to open her purse a wee bit more.
  3. Well, Birds returning from racing now number 18 and only 6 have returned without injuries so what to do, or, should it be, what can we do !!. I had posted a reply and accidentally sent it to another site so no doubt Basic members will have read it. Over the last couple of months I have been rearing my team of youngsters and experimenting to see if it is possible to rear a lighter framed bird as better fanciers than I have remarked that they look excellent but a bit heavy, which to be honest, I thought they were superb. Before some reply "Show Doos" !!, their lines are from Long Distance winning lofts. I do not know if the result will be successful as only racing proves the proof of the pudding.
  4. 50 years ago gamekeepers and land owners kept raptors at bay by shooting them destroying nests and poisoning them, and a blinking good job they did of it. The RSPB then became the so called savour of Song Birds by having Parliament create it an offence to disturb nests and with the RSPB being a charity and clever advertising now spend more cash protecting raptors at the expense of Song Birds. We as Pigeon Fanciers have the ball in our court, ONLY if we accept 100 year old practices require changing.. We have it in our power to kill off the raptors rearing more young simply by denying them the food required to rear them, You might say "HOW". Well,, All we have to do is start changing our race programme from Summer to Winter, We could have any age racing from November till March and leave the poor raptors with nothing to feed their babies nor learn them how to hunt when there is no prey being supplied for them. Too cold in those months say's you ! Well,, My colony go out every day in those months and will disappear ranging for between 1-2 Hours regardless of weather unless it is snowing, Shorter daylight hours only requires racing a program taking daylight into the equation.
  5. 4th June saw me enter 5 to Melton Mowbury with 1 returning and 6 to Huntingdon with 3 returning so decided that was enough 2021 racing from this loft. 2021 Season saw me start with a race team of 47 and finish with 15. I don't believe I have ever lost so many Birds that were trained well, Handled well and were super fit. If their is an answer to the losses apart from Peri strikes where they usually turn up the next day however not in my case, Jeez it does my head in trying to figure it out. The remaining inmates are now rearing a young bird team of 2 rounds which will bring the loft back up to Winter numbers of around 50 which is a manageable figure for an auld age penshunner. Hope all goes well with the remaining programme to one and all..
  6. Aye Derek, San Sebastion is only 880 miles to me !! Fainting at the thought. 891 miles frae Pau..
  7. 4 Training tosses + 2 Races = Losses 24, Damaged Birds making it home, 2 without tails, 2 with injuries to legs, 1 with side cut. The Race team has without doubt been hammered at every occasion when basketed and it is heart breaking when favourites fail to return. Is there an answer to the dilemma ??, I do not think so with the protection wildlife now has.
  8. 3 from 3 out of Stobbs Camp so cannot complain, A bit of sad news to-day with the news of an old friend passing away, Ex Celtic player Frank Brogan who graced Parkhead many moons ago aged 79 R.I.P.
  9. 50/50 Raced and Latebreds Steve.
  10. With racing commencing, this week saw me basket 16 yearling Cocks for a 15 mile toss on Monday with full returns. Wednesday had me basket the same 16 for a twenty miler and disaster ensued with only 3 returning on the day, Thursday another 3 turned up throughout the day and Friday 2 put in an appearance, So it will only be the Wednesday arrivals which will be going to-night to Stobbs Camp. My only wish now is I be reincarnated as an EAGLE OWL..
  11. Still not paired up as I decided to try a different method and if National racing has to be postponed due to whatever reason yet to be conjured up by the frogs I will wait and see. Lockdown has proved that we humans are not mentally prepared for isolation and conversation on phones or SKYPE are no substitute for face to face dialogue. My resident Magpies have nested in my neighbours tree and Crows seem to have parked themselves in the garden under the bird feeder which appears to have been a bit of a deterrent as the colony are content to put in a good shift peaceably when given their liberty. Hopefully racing will commence now that "Wee Burnie" has seen fit to allow us weans a wee bit of freedom to go and not vote for hur. Tic.. Take Care, and wear a Mask.
  12. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery Tommy.
  13. Atrocious weather the last couple of days has kept the colony indoors where its quite comfy and great condition wise, No discoloured wattles tolerated in my loft at any time as I would term it a weakness and the wheelie bin would be the cure. With 22 Cocks and 30 Hens some are going to be disappointed next month when the doors are opened and the usual melee occurs "but" when left alone all turns out well. Some may say it is the lazy way to pair up ?, yet I have practised it for many years and never been upset at the outcome. Many roads lead to Rome is a true saying.. Mind now keep safe..
  14. Don't know where I came up with the 17th March for pairing as it should be the 28th and the full moon which is my usual pairing cycle and birds in the wild are at their most ardent.. Well I think so, However nobody ever told Wee Mary.!! Cocks out to-day saw them put in a good shift and with all the recent rain filling the bird bath they all went in for a dip leaving the white scum on the top for me to clean out. The perch section went out yesterday and after a session had just landed on the house roof when a gust of wind blew them off, 1 went straight into my garden hedge another hit a hedge across the street another landed on a parked van and 2 landed on the middle of the roundabout, all appeared to be stunned however the hedge ones were only losing a couple of chest feathers. I will say the rest were very lucky as they went down the avenue three feet of the ground and for once their was no traffic they could have flew into. Remember keep safe..
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