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  1. You need to get yourself to a liberation site mate - You could get a couple of thousand in the frame. This weekend will be one of the last weekends of racing though - then its our close season. D.D.
  2. Can anyone tell me if you would consider a pigeon to be unhealthy if it had one of its secondary flights on one wing nearly up to the top while the other wing the same feather had just broken through......? I dropped a pigeon yesterday which had this going on and I wondered if I shouldn't have sent him because of this. Thanks for any advice. D.D.
  3. Flew Barca last year for the first time - still waiting for my entries. (746 miles) Its a very tough race for one reason only but.........its a very big reason called the ALPS. I have had good success from race points Pau and Perpignan this side of the Alps but in my opinion to get through the Mountains, the birds have to be lucky. They need to pick the right valleys on their first trip and then they will come through everytime. The problem is, there are too many wrong valleys which lead off to Poland, Luxembourg etc. I have now decided not to send to Barcelona until the birds have been to the South of France at least 1/2 a dozen times. D.D
  4. Heeelp - I've just had a couple of young lads bring me an injured stray - (looks like someones stock bird) By the look of its injuries it has hit something. It is quite alert and has eaten and tried to drink but as fast as it is gulping down the water, it is pouring out of its injury around the crop area. I think I could bring it round ok if I can "plug" the hole. Anyone got any ideas....? D.D.
  5. 2 Races in and I have dropped 1 yearling hen but I am still expecting her to come yet. D.D.
  6. Thanks guys - most helpful. D.D.
  7. Can anyone advise me as to how soon after laying the second egg is it advisable to send a natural hen. Thanks D.D.
  8. Diamond dave

    Ets Help.

    Leroy - have you still got the clock connected to the terminal or the computer. It might not change until you connect it up the entry sensor. I've just had lots of problems with my Tauris. I'm not an expert but if I can help you out I will. - Where are you mate.....? D.D.
  9. Just tried it mate - still no joy I'm afraid. Incidently, the "Home" link doesn't work either. - I do live out in the sticks so perhaps the updates haven't reached me yet.....? D.D.
  10. Fifer - I have just noticed that it is the ones with multiple options that aren't working:- They are:- Fancier Non Fancier Articles News Links Showing - Hope this helps. D.D.
  11. Thanks Andy - I don't really want to send them under any pressure. D.D
  12. Can anyone give me the general nest conditions that it is best to send yearling cocks. I am aiming to get them ready for the distance in a year or so and want to look after them. Incidently, they didn't race as young birds. Thanks D.D.
  13. Hey up Fifer, Yeh, - all the options are in blue. When you scroll over them only some of them turn white - those that do turn white can be accessed but there are a number that remain blue when you scroll over them or click on them. Thus, you cant access them. Best D.D.
  14. Hi mate - No still a number of the items that I cant access........? D.D.
  15. Thanks for that mate - while you're doing it could you add a few more yards per minute to my velocity please D.D.
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