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  1. This was a common thing when i kept the horseman pigeons in Lochend in the the late 1950 and1960s. You took the birds in at night to stop them being stolen. Sometimes they would break into your house only to steal the birds. They would climb up the outside drainpipe and come in the window nothing would deter them when they knew you had some good birds.
  2. First download the update. Next go into Unikon Manager them into members list. Go to members name and delete his clock. Then reassign the clock to the member and this solves the problem.
  3. On behalf of the staff at the SHU and the officials of the SHU we would like to pass our condolences to Walters friends and family. On a personal note Walter and I sat together for more years than I care to remember and having a "cuppa" before the meetings. Walter had a good knowledge of many subjects and we spoke on the phone many times over the years and it was only yesterday while in the loft that Walter came into my thoughts. Walter as others have said will be really missed. Dougie Bald
  4. The S.H.U. has approximately 1,800 Unikon Chips which are for sale along with the 2022 Life Chip Rings which are now in the S.H.U. office. All for the bargain price of £1.10 for the complete ring. (That is the life ring and the Unikon ETS chip). Phone the S.H.U. office which re-opens on Wednesday 5th January.
  5. John what you state is fact. Bobby had the ability to understand weather conditions and give the Pentland members great races long before the many Weather sites we have today. Bobby was also a great help to many other Race Controllers over the years; a nice person who will be missed by many people including me.
  6. Another young bird in tonight GB 21 V 51371. I have tried to phone the number on the clip ring but no answer.
  7. Young Red Cheq Hen in good condition.
  8. Tommy someone is contacting me tomorrow as another fancier has arrange for a courier to pickup a pigeon in Edinburgh for a fancier in Carlisle and the courier will pickup the pigeons from the one address. Thank you for your offer.
  9. I have a stray come in today and was wondering if anyone going down near Carlisle that way could help to get it back to its owner. I live near Edinburgh and would meet up with anyone who could help. Thank you.
  10. I believe they have had to move to another lib site
  11. All information regarding race points as supplied by the Federations has been given to DEFRA/ APHA by the SHU more than 10 days ago.
  12. The SHU has received a statement from Chris Bain at gov. scotland stating That Low Risk Pigeon Racing is permitted from noon 21 April.
  13. DBA421


    I do not know where you receive your information from. The SHU received 5 systems from Jim Savage not 16.The sensors are now costing the SHU over £100 each.
  14. DBA421


    Tommy, You are right about the log book. Some fanciers who collect the systems appear to then just pass the system to someone else and before you know it no one takes responsibility when the system is damaged or they hold on to the system until we try to track it down. The log book would make the first person responsible.
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