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  1. Well done all PHF - Otterburn 230422.pdf
  2. Well done all NL - Wetherby 050921.pdf
  3. Well done all PHF Y.B.-Catterick 280821.pdf
  4. 5/167 1.S.GIRDWOOD 1390.75 2.S.GIRDWOOD 1390.02 3.S.GIRDWOOD 1387.89 4.S.GIRDWOOD 1361.44 5.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1360.64 6.S.GIRDWOOD 1360.46 7.I.SUMMERS 1338.83 8.I.SUMMERS 1338.69 9.MR&MRS GIRDWOOD 1332.84 0.S.GIRDWOOD 1332.66
  5. Any organisation wishing transportation for a race from Catterick this weekend 28/8 and Wetherby the following weekend 4/9 with the Pentland Hills Federation contact Helen Aitken on 0131 665 3657 or Freddie Robertson on 07387 190860.
  6. It was a Danderhall club race which they are entitled to do. In the business world it would be known as “sharp practise†to try and get an edge on the federation members who don’t have the facility to emulate. All geared towards hours on the wing for the YBN. Good luck to all 😉
  7. Well done all PHF Y.B.-Otterburn (2) 140821.pdf
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