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  1. Well done is there a fed result yet? Not sure if I'm missing it on here.
  2. Almondvally liberating from Catterick at 10am
  3. Almondvally fed holdover at Catterick 


    Looking to go Sunday morning 

  4. Gone from bad to worse thank god the season is almost over. I'll wait from now on for fed result to be shared with me rather than having to log on here.
  5. They did that. Good to see them on it again this week too. Hard fed to get on the result in armadale club.
  6. Good seeing the Armadale boys getting on the result.
  7. Don't be sorry. Your health is more important.
  8. 100% agree we should all be 1 combine or amalgamation. You can still have your fed and club prizes too. Will cut costs and improve racing. Unfortunately my aunties uncles next door neighbours sister friends brother who died in 1804 raced in that fed so we can't go with them because his great great great great grandads brother didn't like him.
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