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  1. i had an old pal who used loft hoovers. bought and delivered from Boddy & Ridewood . when he gave up he had 4 in a shed all in a state of dis-repair. i have seen Karcher advertising one which looks very good . if i remember rightly it had a 3 year gaurantee . i would try that one if i was looking to buy Phil. good luck.
  2. hope this sale go,s well . would love to attend myself ,,,,
  3. did it affect anybody on site ? we have just got a temporary generator installed . had no electricity or heating since Friday. Scottish power hope to replace the power lines in the spring ! had 100 trees down over our lane , we and 5 neighbors couldnt leave . so we removed a section of our fencing on 2 fields and made a temporary road out for all . crane to remove the trees and chainsaws on the go daily . all as a result of the 105 mph winds ! the place is a darn mess , will be "tidying up" for months .
  4. thanks for the clarification Motherhen.
  5. well done all the prize winners
  6. well had the Covid booster and Flu jags today , arms a bit sore but hey.
  7. your right , it now states 3rd Jan . no price change at the BIG blue, same price as 2 years ago ?
  8. i understand the "illuminations" have been extended to cover the pigeon weekend . that maybe the reason for the "hike" ?
  9. we hoped to go Tony , may do some checks on prices first ?
  10. hope this sale is well supported , under the circumstances .
  11. water frozen in the kiddies play area this morn, ok in the lofts tho
  12. just looked at the forecast for the weekend down here in the Borders . from Friday through the weekend frozen drinkers and snow . having to find my BIG coat and wellingtons to be ready
  13. i will Bill , would look forward to 72 hours of sleep Alex lol .
  14. i have an appointment for both this coming Thursday .booster and flu ?
  15. it was on , only a few minutes slot , but. shame more time wasnt given to promotion of the sport.
  16. i dont normally watch TV but will make an exception for this ( hope we can get it on Scottish itv) !
  17. sorry to read youve been suffering Phil . hope yo can make something of a recovery soon .
  18. good luck with your shows Charlie
  19. wow , some very well bred birds on this list .
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