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    hi Macca , good to see you back on site. Klaus hasnt been on for sometime , try on "Facebook" you might get him there
  2. wow , well done . i wish i had the opportunity to have them taken down the road . (on warm days at least)
  3. its too darn cold Charlie , and many still moulting !
  4. maybe ? but they certainly knew what they were doing , going at speed . i am not training my latebreds any more , its too darn cold .
  5. just called the birds in to feed , back in the house and see 5 or so flying very close to the ground . went back down to the loft to check and , a big batch went over (around 60 at a guess) . somebody is training , rarely see a bird down here. just wondered if its preparation for a Winter/Christmas race.
  6. wow , lucky you. what year did they start printing them ?
  7. ive a few "old copies" from the 1970,s i often look at .
  8. wishing you well Lindsay , your right you never know whats around the corner . James Cook hospital is 1 of the best in the country , ive a son who lives nearby . at least you timed it out of race season .
  9. heart breaking Bobby . i (at this moment in time) intend to pair after Blackpool 2022 and raise a round of young from my stock birds. hope to use them to race the yb programme . i will then split the sexes , re-pair after the oldbird racing and raise some latebreds . not ideal , but we have to try something at least.
  10. just a line to let all members know , there may be a little disruption to the site in the coming week. access may be restricted for a few short periods of time whilst some changes and amendments are being made. we are hoping to make the site a little easier to operate (like the old days) , easier access to PMs etc . thanks in advance for your understanding .
  11. all looking good Rich , particularly like the blue slight pencil in the last photo.
  12. heres part 2 , not as long , but just as enjoyable
  13. i may have put this one up before , but its well worth another watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFdV7KRt-7s
  14. bah humbug, thats some "whinge" there Roland . please send your contribution to Pigeonbasics
  15. good luck for the future Mathew
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