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  1. thanks Lindsay , will look through it .
  2. generous offer , well done .
  3. i can remember the 2013 rings (standard issue) had a couple with splits on the outer clear plastic . were ok for club/fed racing but wouldnt pass the Nationals. however thats 9 years ago now and i believe a diffrent supplier , so in that respect , cheaper Joe
  4. wow , potatoes , whod have thought eh ? thanks for the info Peter.
  5. and for a £10 note a chance to win 10 youngsters , bargain .
  6. any tips on how you achieved this Peter . happy new year to you & Mary.
  7. will be looking to pair up 3rd (ish) week in January . too early to breed for sure . doing so in the hope of breaking birds from an ex fanciers loft . havent a clue if it will work , but going to try. other racers and stock will be paired a little later .
  8. https://www.bleefe.co.uk/index.php/loft_accessories/?k=:13:: link above to B.Leefe , or maybe Pallats . dont know if either stock them , but could be worth a phone call ?
  9. maybe try your local "electrical whole saler" , they are usually happy to help a member of the public. often cheaper than diy stores too.
  10. i would visit a few local lofts when you move and just ask how they cope with losses . it may help you make a decision, again , good luck .
  11. very best of luck in whatever you do decide on . i do feel 4 pairs may not be enough tho jmo.
  12. i feel with the "tightened restrictions" , it wont be an enjoyable event . one way system and face masks , its not for me .
  13. just found this link ,,,,, https://www.rpra.org/show-of-the-year-2022-plan-b-requirements/
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