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  1. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot 7 £120 Lot 23 £120
  2. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot 7 £90 Lot 23 £90 Cheers
  3. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot7 £70 Lot 23 £70 Cheers
  4. Hi Chris it’s Andy that’s my Y/B I’ll see what I can do I just came offshore on Thursday but will see if anybody can pick it up for me.Thanks for letting me know ðŸ‘
  5. Callum Miller one of the most under rated fanciers in Scotland been clocking pigeons at the Distance for years
  6. Well done Ryan great doo on another very tough raceðŸ‘
  7. Happy birthday Gogs keep on clocking them in old timer😂😂😂ANDY
  8. You run your club and leave us to run ours END OFF
  9. Perhaps you could come Down to the club and enlighten us how to do it correctly?
  10. Lot 4 £60 Lot 5 £80 Lot 12 £50 Lot 13 35 Lot 25 £45
  11. Total agree this is a move in the wrong direction for the north fed imo
  12. Thanks very much Lads. I’d just like to say a big thank you to the lads that run the clocking stations Alan in Banff and Alex Willie Mike and their helpers in Aberdeen without you Guys efforts we’d not get the birds away or the clocks done so well done to you all in a very difficult year Andy Wilson
  13. Same here got One on Saturday while waiting for the Y/Bs 4 from 5 now ðŸ‘
  14. I have sent a lot of them back onshore over the years.But after the bird flu they would not take them on the helicopters so just had to feed them up and hope for the best. I’m about 100 miles east of Aberdeen as soon as the strays started to arrive then there would be 1 or 2 birds of prey would be right behind them every time I don’t know if they chased them out to sea but they knew where they were.
  15. 3 From 5 here now last one on Monday been on a farm somewhere stinking of manure
  16. Season of a lifetime well done ðŸ‘
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