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  1. Remind me again what did you correct me on that i got wrong numb nuts???
  2. Charlie i hope you got your tongue back out of Wattie's *expletive removed*....
  3. Easily the best sprint flyers in the club well done lads.... surprised at the result you put up as we knew they took the 1st 11 2 hours after they timed....
  4. 46/58 for us Not too disappointed as our yb's huvnae had a toss fae the racing started...
  5. p*ss poor in Burnbank 260 away
  6. Cheers guys up in Skye for a few days for my birthday ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  7. ALF

    Racing Today

    34/48 for us a few wee 1st and 2nd flighters missing but a few that should have been hame tae.
  8. ALF

    Racing Today

    15 so far this morning
  9. ALF

    Racing Today

    16/48 we sent all our wee team in only on their 1st and 2nd flight only 1 home hopefully a few more in the morning...
  10. ALF

    Racing Today

    We had 10/48 when i left the loft about 7.55 might have another 2 or 3 now but scunnered isnae the word 4pm lib
  11. Not heard of any really bad returns Del we had 25/30 yesterday might and i say might have had another 1 today as there was a hungry yb sitting this afternoon as all the doos that didnae go to the race are mixed in with the doos that were racing now so not easy to count But we have had a bird from yesterdays race reported well down on a farm in Barnard Castle so it went completely the wrong way for whatever reason most probably percy..
  12. It only stopped at Blantyre on Sunday still on at Uddingston and newmains
  13. Aye the training was on today
  14. Lanarkshire racing friday
  15. ALF


    Well done pal it couldnae have happened to a nicer guy :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  16. i have tried to Phone Peter White 3 times tonight to congratulate him but his phone has been red hot...Glad you got a cracker pal and i hope you win it this time after coming 2nd a few years ago good luck :emoticon-0167-beer: ps...i finally got an answer by text no that long ago lol
  17. ALF


    The birds were released at 6am in no wind at the race point but turning light south west en route Good luck
  18. Well done :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  19. I've said it for years Jimmy is 1 of the best distance flyers in the west of Scotland he is always in the mix...Well done pal
  20. Aye your right Charlie (apologies to the Gillons)it looks like those 3 doos in our fed have been together a good bit of the race
  21. After a section win earlier it looks like big Eadie is in pole position....
  22. 10 non pigeon people on my facebook page have signed it tonight
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