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  1. If some one has tossed this bird today thank you Arrived on my loft this afternoon after over 4 weeks away awol looking in great condition
  2. Gilly3271

    Y/b Strays

    Great stuff we’ll done ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  3. You can see them live on wooler glider club web cam
  4. SU21NW3880 with a fancier in Durham any takers ?
  5. Cambuslang bird 07869 451750 Club contact T Houston
  6. Thanks it’s safe n sound just now not a problem holding it to build it up tell him to contact Chryston club (Eddie Hattie) please was found in a garden in Condorrat nearly made it home
  7. Picked up today from a non fancier well flown out red cheq SU20AF1214 is this an Angus fed bird ?
  8. Hopefully get them up for 11
  9. Well done all ðŸ‘
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