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  1. Mike, your better giving it to either Hamish or Davie Gullane.
  2. Not surprising going so far west and then having a ene wind. As the convoyer stated,they headed in a north west direction, right into Wales and carrying on into Ireland. Absolutely shocking returns, taking the majority of the pigeons completely off line.
  3. jbee

    SNFC Yeovil

    259 members sent 1631 birds - Section A - 491; Section B - 228; Section C - 197; Section D - 168; Section E - 299; Section F - 169; Section G - 79
  4. Race Marking for Yeovil - Section B - Dolphingstone Farm, Tranent will now be from 4pm to 6pm. Please pass this information onto any member who you think is sending.
  5. Clocks will be 18.00 - 19.30 tonight (Sunday) at Elphinstone Miners
  6. I know of a couple of fanciers already talking about it
  7. Jamie, would hate to think of the cost to send birds across the channel next year. This year with so many marking stations with vets attending, the sign off with an official defra vet at Gretna then the cost of the French Vet at the border control point. SNFC paying cost this year, but would be lucky to survive another 3 - 4 years without increasing birdage drastically or increasing annual fees again. Central marking would be the only viable situation. Doesn’t surprise me that as many fanciers are not signing up to DEFRA, some guys are struggling financially just to live.
  8. Approx 505 miles to Edinburgh
  9. Davie, can remember these good days. Big birdages and 1:20 for prizes Rennes and Nantes. It’s time it went back to central marking, also don’t think the bird# ar3 there for a normal 4 channel races these days. john b
  10. No it’s it’s the information sheet sent out by the Secretary. No marking station for channel racing in Aberdeen
  11. At the last committee meeting, marking stations for the proposed channel races were not discussed, when we left the meeting it was still the 7 - 8 marking stations
  12. jbee

    Ets advice

    You would require a ring marker plus a base station. In Scotland most of the base stations are the older profi . Most of the new base stations are the champ. The champ ets clock works in the profi club base station but the profi clock does not fit in the champ base station. The Unikon champ,Bricon and benzing systems allow member to input their own ring numbers,colours and sex. The profi requires Unikon software on lab top to do the above. hope this helps john b
  13. jbee

    Ets advice

    I wouldn’t recommend the Unikon system to any one trying to purchase a system. The problems that we have seen this year after their last upgrade. Think the software is so old,they are only patching it to keep it going. If buying a new system they usually give the club system on loan to the club. john b
  14. Pop up have now disappeared, good
  15. There is another committee meeting on the 29th May. Hopefully all will be sorted out by then concerning race points and what will be required to obtain the export licence to fly the channel. john b
  16. From RPRA website costing off loft visit from vets
  17. https://shuonline.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/SKM_C30822051109060.pdf hopefully link works, if not check shu website. Shu online
  18. Hi, If you are using the profi you can use your own base station connected to a pad to assign rings. Then transfer into your computer, though you would require the cable from base station to computer.

    john b

    ps transporter looks good. Are they Geraldy crates or crates made locally.

  19. 23 April 2022 To: Craig Williams MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Pigeon Racing As you are aware, cross channel pigeon racing has been taking place for over 120 years. In 2021, with the implementation of new EU Animal Health Regulations, this historic sport was under threat. Over the past 14 months the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, with assistance from yourself, Defra, European friends and organisations, have been lobbying the EU to achieve amendments to the regulations that made it impossible to move racing pigeons from Third Countries into the EU. Following the latest amendments to EU Regulations, I believe we are now in a position to be able to achieve cross channel racing in 2022, albeit while adhering to many requirements that pre-Brexit were not required. These requirements include that each pigeon loft (premises) has to be registered with the competent authority of the country of origin. As you are aware, the competent authority in the UK is Defra. In recent weeks I have attended a number of meetings with Defra officials in order to establish a process of registration. The latest meeting was on 7th April when we were told that the registration process would be published within the next two weeks. This period has passed and we still have no definitive date as to when this process will be published. This and any further delay will have a detrimental impact on the possibility of achieving channel racing this year. Considering the fact that no cross channel racing took place in 2021, I am sure you can appreciate that our members are getting more and more frustrated with this position and there is a real threat to the future of this historic sport. Therefore, in your capacity as Chair of the APPG for Pigeon Racing, could you could support a request to Defra or the appropriate minister for the registration process to be published as soon as possible, and for suitable resources to be allocated to the registration process to ensure lofts are registered as quickly as possible. Whatever peoples’ political position on Brexit, it would be a shame if Brexit did mean we lose two racing seasons and therefore jeopardise the future of this historic sport that enriches many lives by providing opportunities of recreation, competition and social inclusion,Ian Evans CEO
  20. In my previous update of 7th April I stated that the DEFRA loft registration process would be published within two week. This week I have been 'chasing' confirmation in relation to the process. However, as of 4.30pm today, Friday 22nd April 2022 I have received no information in this respect. I appreciate this is a frustrating position for everyone concerned and is impacting on the start of organisations channel race programmes. I will continue to push for this process to be published as soon as possible and as soon as I have any information I will share it through the normal channels. In the meantime I have held meetings with various veterinary practices to establish a list of of such practices that are willing and able to carry out loft visits to adhere to the EU loft registration requirements and also compile a list of Official Veterinarians that are able to sign export health certificates for organisations. This list will be published sometime next week and will be updated as and when necessary. Finally, I wish to clarify that the loft registration process is one imposed by EU regulations (not DEFRA) for those lofts wishing to race from EU countries. The reason that they have to be registered with DEFRA is purely down to the EU regulations requiring lofts to be registered with the competent authority within the country of origin. In the UK the competent authority is DEFRA Ian Evans CEO
  21. The Eyevalley guys racing with UNC from about 150 miles. Next week they are at Newark
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