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  1. Looks a cracking liberation site. Well done john
  2. 22/37 fae Wooler . tougher day today for North of Scotland fed .
  3. Aye Ron and if you don't mind am still up for coming with you some week to see what's all involved cheers. In all honesty Ron in all my years of racing I've never had my birds banging in like they were yesterday and I've 36/36 so can't complain. Looking forward to next week
  4. Ron it was a good race with good returns so can't complain about that I just think lads get frustrated waiting for the birds to get libbed when you see all the other feds getting released. Myself personally don't have a problem waiting if it results in good returns but if we are waiting for other feds to clear just say it will be a later liberation. Saves any animosity
  5. 1st Goggs Wilson 1500.931 2nd Sandy Hay 1497.351 3rd Ryan Hay & Family 1492.316 4th Goggs Wilson 1481.435 5th Jim Able 1478.180 6th Ritchie & Fulton 1473.501 7th Goggs Wilson 1470.174 8th Jim Able 1469.384 9th Sandy Hay 1464.688 10th John Mair 1461.401 Deveronvalley sent 381 birds. Big Well done Gogs fine to see you back at the top of the result again. 3rd race and 3rd different winner always good to see the winning spread around.
  6. DEVERONVALLEY sends 397 birds to Strathkinnes. Result as follows 1st Ryan Hay & Family 1410.484 2nd Fulton & Ritchie 1401.485 3rd Gordon Wilson 1401.389 4th John Mair 1396.477 5th Gordon Wilson 1396.330 6th John Mair 1396.280 7th Neil Raymond 1393.097 8th Andy Wilson 1392.454 9th Neil Raymond 1391.119 10th Gordon Wilson 1386.105
  7. BRECHIN RESULT Position Fancier Distance velocity 1 Neil Raymond 64miles 1337.566 2 Nicky Pirie 64miles 1335.708 3 Jim Able 65miles 1316.818 4 Jim Able 65miles 1309.841 5 Ritchie & Fulton 65miles 1278.593 6 Ritchie & Fulton 65miles 1277.884 7 Abby Milne 64miles 1266.764 8 Fulton & Ritchie 64miles 1263.561 9 Ryan Hay & Family 64miles 1260.177 10 Ryan Hay & Family 64miles 1259.945 Congratulations to Neil Raymond on winning our club and also topping the fed. Fine start to the season for him and deserved after all the work he's put in behind the scenes. Also special well done to Nicky Pirie 2nd club and Fed only sending 3 doos in his first race in over 20years . Well done lads
  8. Very happy with returns. 37/39 from Strathkinness 92miles with North of Scotland fed. And 5/6 with Morayfirth racing club from Fortwilliam 112miles
  9. Well done all timers especially Neil winning fed and Andy winning east section. Special Well done to nicky on coming 2nd fed in his first race in over 20 years send only 3 doos
  10. Nae that much time sandy basketing the morn. Elgin nae give them a go of theirs?
  11. 07432855167 that's number I have for him
  12. Rightly pigeon basics has made it clear that there has been enough posted on here about our current situation we find ourselves in. End of the day there's no need for Fed buisness to he broadcast for everyone to read. I have decided to start up a WhatsApp group for anyone that would like to have a constructive debate about things. And see how we can go forward. Our fed has been the envy of many over the years and personally I fear for it. If you want added text me you name and number and I'll add you to the group. No personal insults or derogatory remarks will be tolerated. Cheers Ryan Hay 07917004037
  13. Honestly couldn't of gone to a better lad. Nicky has just joined the club again this year but had doos about 30 years ago. He used to watch mine from his house. Once a dooman always a dooman. Look forward to racing against you next year nicky. Well done Lee for organising it and hats off to allymac for donating a great team of doos
  14. I haven't got a letter. So is it just another vote of no confidence again? Or is there also fed proposals and race programme to vote on?
  15. Number 22 please lee cheers
  16. I'm rather confused myself as to what is going on now but I hope it's sorted soon. We start racing in a couple months.
  17. Delighted with mine and thanks for going out your way so I could get them up the road. When I enquired about the last 2 birds Dale said I could have them for free if I gave pigeon Basics a donation instead. Fair play lad . I'll keep you posted how I get on with them. Cheers
  18. Hi was wondering if there was anyone from the North of Scotland heading down to the SNFC Agm on Sunday that could do me a favour and bring a couple of doos back up the road for me please. Thanks in advance RYAN HAY BANFF
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