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  1. To be fair Raymond did phone me to say he couldn't get hold of the manager of Deveroside club. I sent her a message and she was off work with covid and messaged me back to say she could hardly talk so asked if Raymond could call her another time.
  2. Don't see why we can't have a race programme to suit both start a week or 2 earlier or drop 1 or 2 scottish race points basically training tosses anyways. Personally I wasn't bothered about a postal vote and filled in my form to say I was happy with one but with all the the carry on there seems to be and bitterness from either side there probably needs to be a meeting to get everything out in the open.
  3. Well done Derek. Great end to a tough season. Congratulations
  4. Well done Ken, and cheers for taking my doo back down the road today
  5. Am in Edinburgh stayed the night and was planning going to sale but just found out its delayed and I can't hang around. Is there anywhere I can leave my bird please Ryan Hay 07917004037
  6. Still nothing and race closes tomorrow morning
  7. People keep blaming hawks etc but if the birds aren't libbed correctly they have no chance. Do you know if any one filmed it?
  8. I've birds in this race been waiting a long time but nothing home yet, very disappointing. I did wonder how the conditions was as it was pretty poor visibility in banff
  9. Nope not a clue, really confusing setup. Is it easier on a lap top as I only use my phone? Unfortunately think you will lose a lot of members due to this
  10. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    2,5,6,9,11,12,13,14,18,20,21,22,24 £30 please
  11. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    Lot 1 £30 Lot 16 £60
  12. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    Has the sale started ?
  13. Ryan Hay


    Aye, fair chuffed we my 8th
  14. Ryan Hay


    Had a fast race by look of it
  15. Hi guys could someone tell me the date and where the snfc latebred is please, Thanks
  16. Brilliant to see my dad get his first win since starting back up In the doos last year. Actually had the first 5 but only get 3 positions in scottish race points. Throughly deserved with the work he has been putting in
  17. Same here up to 3 from from Guernsey now and we had maidstone 460 miles same weekend with fed and up to 17/21 from there. Last one was Monday night . Glad to see them working in they have proved themselves and delighted they are here for another year
  18. Hope you come back soon phil, I'll breed some youngsters for you if/when you come back. All give best
  19. I notice on Facebook market place someone selling a pigeon loft in westhill Aberdeen. Hope this helps
  20. Any word how the race went?
  21. Agree with the lads above one of the best distance men in Scotland without doubt in my eyes.
  22. If it had been north of aberdeen I could of helped but portlethen is south and about an hour and a half away. Hopefully someone closer can help you out
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