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  1. Hi were is the best places to visit when going to the Houton show is there any loft visits that can be arranged
  2. Well Alan if game keepers can do that what is stopping all the doo men from doing that am sure any game keeper would give a shift or two
  3. Not everyone got bad racing at the weekend only the people that liberated on Sunday except caolburn who had good returns from wooler all feds that went on Saturday got good racing
  4. There a 16f by 6f loft for sale in bellshill it's on market place on Facebook if that's any good
  5. Has anybody got a contact number for Graham ritchie in Peterhead Graham might not be his first name
  6. Lot 13 @ £100 Lot 18 £ 55
  7. Hi I am looking for contact details for the person who win j j k gillons young bird as it's ready to go Contact 07983415638 kelly.
  8. Hi I am looking for any these birds they have been lost from a training toss earlier this week if any one can help these birds are not wing stamped Thanks GB 19 z 66863 Gb19 z. 66584 Gb19 z 66586 Gb19 z 66587 Gb19 z 66785 Gb 19 z 66786 Gb19 z 66574 Gb19 z 66580 Contact number 07983415638
  9. Bird belongs to f mc mahon 07507 069232
  10. I am looking for a bus to blackpool for the pigeon weekend leaving from motherwell/hamilton area
  11. This young one has came in with my birds today Trying to get it home
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