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  1. now thats a pigeon belter Derek stock loft done her bit and more
  2. so anyone looking to buy rings will now have to send for them my pal just off the phone to them
  3. Blantyre Miners club friday 26th of November at 7 pm ticket price 6 50 please order tickets from Peter White 07901952812 or Jimmy McMillan 07527757691 tickets must be booked before the 20th top guests and always a great night
  4. Defra have not got a clue what they are doing when it comes to pigeons four different agents have given me four different interpretations of the rules on pigeons but seems they have changed there minds yet again let sleeping dogs lie methinks last time i will phone them for advice in future ill be telling them nothing
  5. the show will be put back one week due to DEFRA rules will keep you updated guys
  6. Hi guys been on the phone for two hours with DEFRA Scotland trying to find out the rules on pigeon Shows in Scotland after being past from pillar to post i have been told to let the fancy know that there can be no pigeon shows or sales in premisses without permission from APHA Scotland part of DEFRA and must be applied for at least seven days before hand or it will be deemed illegal and against the Law i was asked to pass this on to the SHU which i will do
  7. sorry to hear this top man and top flyer i wish Jim all the best
  8. glad to hear your getting better Lindsay
  9. guys this is the correct times for sams funeral as posted 11 church 12 crematorium
  10. was hearing last night that there was talk going around that i refused to pick up other fanciers birds from Carstairs junction which is nonsense as Brian can confirm my own bird was delivered there by mistake as high flyers were supposed to bring the bird to me and i was fuming when the driver told me he did not have my bird it had been dropped of at Carstairs as he was telling me this Brian phoned me to tell me my bird was there as it had a tel phone ring on i thanked the man and drove almost an hour to get there on arriving brian told me there was pigeons there for jim and davie Hannah ill take them for you i said and i think a bird belonging to jimmy Mcmillan might be hear to Brian said no its not mc millan from Burnbank im sure the mans is called millan from coatbridge i dont know anyone of that name i replied Brian then asked me if i knew jim and Davies ring no which i did not Brian said i only have a basket of birds with names not which bird belongs to who Brian then said dont worry about it as Andy Graham said he will sort it on wednesday as jim comes up there and thats how it was left hope this clears things up and would like to think the men know me better than that thanks again to Brian the mans a gentleman
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