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  1. 24/24 solway frae Woolaston...Two 100% on the trot....unheard of recent years....long may it continue
  2. Solway doing over 50mph Lindsay frae Woolaston
  3. https://shuonline.co.uk/veterinary-visitation-form/
  4. My clubs 8 members were checked in less than 90mins costing 33 quid a head.....I registered all the members with the local vet, printed off the examination form to be stamped and obtained a cph number for everybody in less than an hour. p*ss easy
  5. Bird actually belongs to Mr H Dobie Brydekirk 01461700412.....obviously he won't want it back after these years
  6. Brydekirk pigeon...Mr Halliday 01576300288
  7. Some of these one lofters are real hard frae 250 onwards.....maybe something a bit easier on the birds would be no bad thing
  8. Up early doors the morn?
  9. Was west nor west here in the Solway all day
  10. Time the SNRPC BIRDS expected? I thought they'd be hame
  11. I note the racing in the west was poor today...Wonder why?
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