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  1. Well done Lindsay....back to yer best in no time
  2. Well done to my mate Alan...terrific result...well done to my Hoddom clubmates OPEN-RESULT-COVENTRY-2021-YOUNG-BIRD.xlsx
  3. Solway seems a decent race returns about 90% in the fechan
  4. Always been the same if ye let them off in fog/mist.....*expletive removed* madness
  5. Certainly wouldn't have raced yesterday down here......or today.....heavy downpours
  6. dal2

    Su 21 S 2024

    Hi Jim Any chance of a contact number for yourself?
  7. Great stuff....super year
  8. dal2


    I got my first.....reported in Norfolk....previously 1st secta Roye 3rd secta bedhampton!!! knackered seemingly but alive I supposed
  9. dal2

    Su15S 5559

    Lockerbie. Mick Currie(yeboah on here)
  10. Pishin doon in the Fechan
  11. Eastbourne should have been avoided altogether
  12. No racing from Guernsey before 1st July according to the RPRA so having the race on the traditional date would have been impossible. Eastbourne.....let's hope its no the farce it's been in the past.
  13. Well done Charlie...tough race...too tough for me
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