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  1. Bamfords Gold.....get yer wallet prepared tho
  2. Solway 9.45 stafford no wind
  3. dal2


    Solway 9.40 no wind Lymm
  4. It's a solway bird....Eastriggs club sec Mrs goldie 0146140668
  5. Hoddom flying club Ecclefechan Appleby 24.4.22 1st A Little 1509.35 2nd G Dalgliesh and son 1474.85 3rd G Dalgliesh and son 1473.91 4th J Gilmour 1469.37 5th G Dalgliesh and son 1467.84 6th G Dalgliesh and son 1466.91 7th J Gilmour 1466.57 8th to 10th D Little 1466.03 1465.55 1465.09
  6. https://auction.rpra.org/section/solway-fed-yb-auction/ Have a look folks...decent birds on offer
  7. Wickes.....sometimes ebay
  8. You'd be aswell pissin in the bath
  9. dal2


    Maybe no perches ? Or maybe no boxs just perches? Loads of things seem to work. Noticing what works for what bird and when it's time to change motivation for the good thays the hard bit I find.
  10. Smashing guy Walter.....Will be missed around the club....sharp as a tack even in his elder years
  11. dal2

    Race programmes

    Are the proposals allowed up to 14 days before or should they be published 14 days before? I think it's the latter
  12. Locked in every year September to February
  13. Oofft.....two riots 😆
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