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  1. All stock birds have gone have a few races birds to go if anyone is interested.
  2. Have decided to call it a day because of health reasons so have stock and race birds to go free.to anyone who is interested
  3. Closing down stock shed because of health so have a few birds to go if anyone is interested.
  4. Birds have gone but need to cut back on a few more stock birds not getting any younger have six more to go if anyone is interested.
  5. This bird came in this morning any takers or anyone know the owner or the area it's from
  6. Still have the birds after being let down only thing I would need is your name address and loft number for the transfer form which I send off.
  7. Have a few stock birds to anyone who maybe interested free
  8. Still here if anyone can make use of them
  9. Have some stock hereman cuesters free to new starters or any one interested in them.
  10. Your messages are not coming though but your brother and I spoke on the phone yesterday.walkers picked the birds up last night should be with him this morning.thanks everyone else for the interest in them.
  11. Just seeing if any one is interested in those stock birds
  12. Thoses birds are still here if anyone is interested the lad wanting them as been let down.
  13. We have a few karel boeck stock birds free to anyone interested.
  14. The lambrechts have gone i have not been on because of the wife being ill and no private messages were sent to me.
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