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  1. Very well done bro and all other members 👏
  2. Very well done Ian and all other members 👏
  3. Looking for contact information for Robert Wilson phone number cheers
  4. Paid lot 15 by PayPal Rab
  5. 1st Graham Bros 1282 2nd M Findlay 3rd M Findlay 4th A Blyth 5th Graham Bros 6th Graham Bros Very well done Graham Bros and well done all other members ðŸ‘
  6. 1st Graham Bros 1506 2nd Graham Bros 1491 3rd Graham Bros 1489 4th A Blyth 1487 5th Graham Bros 1482 6th Graham Bros 1463 Other member 1st bird M Findlay 1307 Very well done Graham Bros and all other members ðŸ‘
  7. Anyone's before I report it GB 21 B 18843
  8. 1st Graham Bros 1023.750 2nd Graham Bros 1023 3rd Graham Bros 1019 4th Graham Bros 1014 5th Graham Bros 1011 6th Graham Bros 991 Other members 1st bird A Blyth 974 M Findlay 954 Very well done Graham Bros 👠and well done all other members
  9. Very well done Bert and to all other members ðŸ‘
  10. No mate think it's sorted
  11. In tonight SU21 L 560 anyone's on here guy's
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