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  1. Well done Derek but in reality it's a farcical race for fanciers in the West
  2. Welldone to all the fanciers that timed into the west surprised there were any given the weather and the liberation time
  3. VMS


    Welldone done to the South Lanarkshire timers in a challenging race
  4. RIP Alex a nicer man you will never meet.
  5. The pain is lovely long live the King
  6. I recond Lemmon will be sacked before Christmas Danny see Brendan is doing well,when a big team come calling there was only ever going to be one outcome
  7. Like the king stated Danny house of cards
  8. You need to pay more to watch the big team Danny'simple as that
  9. Might choose a big team like Leicester
  10. VMS


    Well done right on the limit especially where your flying into
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