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  1. Next race I will come up and pick yir pooler. Ya ugly bassas 🤑.
  2. F.F.S. . LOL. Always some companies looking to extract money from Pigeon fanciers. .
  3. What a sad time for the pigeon sport a true legend. Condolences to William and Paul and all the family.
  4. . Maybe I need professional help . But I always have a taste and not wanting to upset anybody 98% of pigeon products would be better served over the top of a cake. .
  5. . :emoticon-0136-giggle: .
  6. Aye looks down the glen to both the Hannah's lofts. And long as the big hen keeps looking left I think everything should be ok. Think the foxes will be more of a problem. But I'm sure big skinny bhoy will sort things when needed :emoticon-0136-giggle:
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