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  1. bibendium


    im having the same just now 2 stripped to the bone in 2 days legs off as well is this unusual?
  2. I had one reported in Mons in 2020, was my ring but not my doo, it was sent to SNFC Reims and not transfered A rake of FFFs to the person concerned in sending, simple admin error lol
  3. I actually enjoyed it better last year Graham not so crowded and time to have a look at the various trade stalls.
  4. Hopefully if all goes well with my Mrs. who is recovering from Meningitis. looking to go Friday to Sunday
  5. just press reply on the lot you like and bid your amount
  6. Ayrshire Federation are holding a fantastic sale on their Facebook page Ayrshire Federation Forum All Pigeon Basics members are invited to join to have a look Many first class lots on sale
  7. Can only count 11 pigeons home in Ayrshire Fed today
  8. bibendium


    1269 is a dalry bird 4660 a whitlets bird i will post them on ayrshires FB Page
  9. I wont be paying for any vet or registering with Defra . Scottish feds should get together and book Guernsey for next season and beyond
  10. This was me who brought these birds up last Sunday All have been claimed and organised for return. This was a one off for the moment
  11. bibendium


    Anyone help get a pigeon from Skinninggrove up the road a bit to Ayrshire area
  12. Ayrshire Federation YB sale Sunday 10th April 13.00 pm in the Memory Lane 10-12 Bonnyton road Kilmarnock KA1 2QS Over 40 quality young birds on sale from all over Scotland.
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