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  1. London NR Combine/Essex Combine & Thames Valley at Perth. Will be a joint lib.
  2. Hi Andy, hope your keeping well. I tried to pm you but message failed. When Im signed out of basics I can see flying fifer has a thread listing hes birds for sale, when i sign in the thread disappears. I eventually found it listed under Question and Answers. I guess there's many peeps like myself that sign in then click on Portal, if they do many will not be seeing flying fifers thread. ATB Tony
  3. I'll put it this way, if my clocking system failed and I went to another fancier to time my pigeon in and he/she was in the process of calling in their own pigeon I would stand back until its timed then time my own pigeon in. My misfortune shouldn't impact on someone else's race.
  4. Timing in he's single entry from Bordeaux 506 mile in the MNFC, looking like he's topped the section. Well done old bean!
  5. There was a Welsh Fed that liberated at Thurso on Monday, It was a joint lib with the LNRC. The only North Rd website I know of is the NRCC
  6. Sent eleven, had three day birds 12hrs 32 and two together 12hrs 42. Two this morning leaving six awol
  7. Less than 10% home on the day. Winners a tad under 12 hrs for a 506 mile fly.
  8. Birds still sitting at lib point, hoping for a lib tomorrow (Monday)
  9. 3/4 oz each Thursday 1/2 oz each Friday
  10. I believe the NRCC will be racing out of there in 3 weeks time.
  11. Thanks guys! I'm sure like me you all have a certain race you have ambitions of winning, for me It's always been the LNRC Berwick. I wish you all its your turn next on winning that race that gets your juices flowing. A picture of the winner now named Little Ivy, a yearling hen sent on chipping eggs Vel 1165 Distance 305 miles
  12. Essex & Kent Amal at Ripon.
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