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  1. No I've never played tennis , and never bothered much about iPad DWARFS ,, ðŸ£ðŸ£ðŸ£ðŸ£
  2. no no no the penny has dropped but right in your court game set and match wee man ? Ha ha ha bully boy at 77 go ta yer bed and grow up ?
  3. Why is it that Dwarfs ,always talk out of there comfort zone ?
  4. Don't know where you stay but if it's training yer birds from a mile from yer loft don't send ta the races , I certainly don't know everything about racing pigeons but what I definately know if they don't go away in perfect conditions there certainly won't be a race , what has the weather got ta d we yer back yard
  5. I for one is definately not ashamed the photos I see that fifer has put up , it's you that hasent a clue , if birds are going ta be of any use , surly at a hundred miles with an excellent start , I don't care where you stay , every bloody race birds young or old has got ta go past a bit of cloud or what y mention overcast a few miles from where your at I bet it's clear as a bell , and today there's more life in the air that I've seen in weeks , what chance have our birds of coming from the ybn 400 miles with fanciers like you saying great decision because there's a wee bit of cloud , on route fan tails will home today great decision OMG
  6. SU 19 F 1734. SU 19 F 1843 . SU 19 AF 1570 SU 19 AB 19 1959 . pLEASE PHONE PHILIP ON 07494745689
  7. Davy yer gan too fast for me I can't understand far yer coming fa what has Perth got ta d we bloody Brechin and Forfar , Perth is not a problem it's not in the fed race program , the point is Arnistan , the race point is closed , and we need ta get it sorted , for the race across the forth , that's the only prob I see in this post , sort yer Perth race and huggin the grampians at the AGM ?
  8. . I here y and the rest about the race point being closed but there's more lib sites near by what is a half mile going ta make any difference , don't think so , I Rember the time y lobbed the back of a pub as we couldn't get inta Thornton the gates being closed ,, there is Mac merry that most of us has distances , Davy we need ta get a lib site one way or another , for 3 weeks time , no better time ta get the brain box going than now , cheers pal
  9. Davy there's bloody roadworks everywhere , so Arniston will be OK there's plenty fanciers on here that will keep us right , it's three weeks yet they wid fill every pot hole in Scotland jist ge STURGEON a pick and shovel 😆
  10. And why the hell is Davy Barrie suggesting Perth , when he was driving the lorry the fecking Hawks was waiting for there breakfast , keep them on a bloody straight line there jist learning do whatever when yearlings or older , Davy keep aff the bar lie wine 😹
  11. There was no break between old & Young races , so here we go , extend the racing , we're just doing the same this year , there is no difference between Brechin & Forfar , but as reports have been bad about perigans , which we have seen in abundance , that something is upsetting the birds from Forfar and Dumfermilne , the distances is Brechin , 71 miles ta the furthest members in fed , Forfar 80 miles ta the furthest in fed , and Arniston 130 ta the furthest in fed , SIMPLE the way ta go is Brechin , Brechin , Arniston , if they can't take a small jump of 40 50 mile jump in 3 races better getting rid of them ?
  12. They are flying well they had the only bird on the fed list last week and there loft is in the west sec and didn't get there 1 st west section ticket , I did enquire ta our president and asked him why as his loft is west of Banff and it was going ta be looked into well done again ta very nice YOUNG FANCIERS XX
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