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  1. should be free the amount of money we will be spending in blackpool over the weekend
  2. Putting this statement out without concrete evidence that the show wont have birds at it is wrong...Even if and its a huge if no birds were allowed the show can still go ahead....It went ahead last year during covid and loads missed out that didnt go.
  3. Lets hope more of the birds turn up...
  4. So far yes its going ahead but with numbers controled going in.....This could change anytime...giving it a miss .

    New Kim

    For that price ID want the rest of the female kardashians not just Kim.
  6. Two crap teams playing each other...england were not much better...........scotland would destroy england wales and ireland the way their playing.
  7. Cant see it going ahead next year as most of the trips go to belgium first and this place is a virus hot bed ..Antwerp is the worst place for cases in belgium and i cant see that changing
  8. Could we add lead to these spray paints and this might help over a period of time.
  9. What do lads think of these products are many using them...
  10. Will there be oldbird national racing this year in scotland from france.I always follow these races and have been over waiting on gold cup weekend in the past.
  11. A fruit company imported 200 fruit pickers from bulgaria during a corona virus pandemic.We are not allowed go further than 2km from home yet these are being flown in madness.
  12. Thanks podgy...when do you put them on the dark and what is the latest date you can put your first team on it .
  13. Sorry Wiley ill rephrase the question when does natural darkness end and we have to put them on darkness....ie do they need to be on it before the clock changes.
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